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Alfred Vierling » in english, ritueel slachten » Ritueel slachten Chief rabbi Yona Metzger (=butcher) defames animal protector Dion Graus, but has never denounced ritual slaughtering cruel fixation practises.

Ritueel slachten Chief rabbi Yona Metzger (=butcher) defames animal protector Dion Graus, but has never denounced ritual slaughtering cruel fixation practises.

Hereunder the letter from the chief rabbi, who is totally ignorant of the scientific data on the subject or worse ignoring them on purpose, defaming Dion Graus but not establishing any evidence of the contrary to the thesis of Graus, that all ritual slaughtering is cruel maltreatment. I like to add that formerly even the pulling up of conscientiously living heavy flesh bulls at their hind feet or immobilizing them with chains, both causing bone fractures, as well as the upside down position of animals in fixing boxes, causing asphyxiation by blood infusion into the bronchi and severe agony because of warm blood streaming abundantly over the eyes did not bother the rabbinat at all. The rabbinat thererfore has no moral authority anymore regarding this topic.
(comment by drs alfred vierling)

Yona Metzger
Chief Rabbi of Israel

10 Elul 5772
To Mr. Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party
House of parliament
The Hague
The Nethetlands
Dear Mr. Wilders.
Both the Dutch rabbinate as well as the leadership of the Dutch Jewish community have extensively updated me on the status of the political debate on ritual slaughter in Holland.

I am aware of the fact that the bill to ban ritual slaughter was initiated by the Animal
Partya nd managedto get a majorityi n the Lower House.B eforet he bill went to the
Senate a compromise was worked out by the deputy minister of agriculture that was
accepteda nd signedb y the leadershipo f the Dutch Jewisha nd Muslim community.
Because of that ALL the parties in the senate- with the exception of the initiator of
the bill and your Freedom Party- voted against a ban and in favor of the
I am shocked and upset to learn that your party once again has adopted a total ban
on ritual slaughter in its platform for the September 1,2th upcoming general
By doing so makes the Freedom Party (except for the Animal Party) the only one in
your country that excludes the Jews of the “Freedom” you claim to stand for.
Ritual slaughtera nd kosher food is an essentiapl art of Jewish life, religion and
tradition. By denying Jews to live according to the Torah you will eventually force
them to leave the Netherlands where they enjoyed religious freedom for centuries
and are living since the 1,2thc entury.
Furthermore the animal rights spokesman of your faction, Mr. Dion Graus, has
announced in various statements and interviews that after a total ban on ritual
slaughterh as becomel aw in the Netherlandsh e will also work on legislationt o
prohibit import of kosher meat from abroad.
Not a single party in Europe has gone that far!! I am shocked to read the statements
Mr. Grausm ade during the parliamentaryd ebate.H e repeatedlyk ept on accusing
Jews of “ritual torture” of animals.
This is the classical antisemitic way our rites have been targeted and demonized
throughout history. Jews torturing animals or murdering non- Jewish kids because
their blood was neededt o bakem atzotf or the JewishP assover!
Yona Metzger
Chief Rabbi of Israel

Dear Mr. Wilders, I am fully aware of your firm support of the Jewish state of Israel
and do respecta nd thank you for this. But one cannot separateb etweent he Jewish
state and the Jewish people.
I therefor do urge you strongly to remove the total ban on ritual slaughter from your
party platform and publicly disassociatey ourself from Mr. Dion Grausw ho is called
by the president of the Amsterdam Jewish community “a danger to the interests of
Dutch Jews and Jewry in Europe atlarge”.
It is obvious that one cannot be at the same time a friend of Israel and the Jewish
people and on the other hand support an anti- Jewish law and be friends with Mr.
Dion Graus.
I hope to hear from you a.s.a.p.

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  1. Nicolaas van Rodanborch says:

    Weinig pragmatisch van Metzger om de PVV zo de maat te nemen. Ik zou zeggen: Accepteer dankbaar elke steun in deze voor Israel zo barre tijden en zanik niet.

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