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Alfred Vierling » in english, Uncategorized » Slobodan Milosevic interviewed on Kosovo after the NATO bombings.

Slobodan Milosevic interviewed on Kosovo after the NATO bombings.

Alfred Vierling

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On The Hague Campus of Leyden University former Secretary-General of NATO, Jaap de Hoop-Scheffer and at the postdoctoral International Law Asser Institute, a representative of ICTY and ICC, as well at the Peace Palace ICJ Prof. Schrijvers from Utrecht University could present uncommented their NATO propaganda against Slobodan Milosevic, in the international defence league of lawyers of whom I have had the honour to participate. I am still convinced of the honesty of this great politician and his brilliant defence, which has been abrupted by his death under full ICTY responsibility in its custody, against the relentless war mongerers operating under the umbrella of NATO. I have submitted, naively, complaints against the war crimes by my Dutch government participating in the illegal bombings on Yougoslavia, the first post-WWII bombardments by Europeans on fellow Europeans, but to no avail, because the ICTY turned out to be a totally CIA run institute, like all UN organisations in The Hague.

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