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The Silk Road main Obstacle to be solved by Chen Quanguo method.用陈全国先生的方法解决丝绸之路的主要障碍

English Translation follows Chinese text. 我对丝绸之路经济感兴趣。我相信沿着丝绸之路不仅商品会旅行,也会传播宗教。丝绸之路穿过伊斯兰国家。如果这些人口在经济上增长,那么他们的人口也将增长,因此,欧洲和中国的伊斯兰威胁将会增加。因此,欧盟应该向中国学习如何应对伊斯兰教是非常重要的。我很佩服新疆共产党领导人陈全国先生是如何在一个封闭的设施中聚集成千上万的伊斯兰教徒,教他们在现代社会生活所需的技能。 I am interested in the Silk Road economy. I believe that along the Silk Road, not only goods will travel, but also religion. The Silk Road passes through Islamic countries. If these populations grow economically, their population will also grow, so the Islamic threat in Europe and China will increase. Therefore, it is very important for the EU to learn from China how to deal with Islam. I admire how the leader of the Communist Party of Xinjiang, Mr. Chen Quanguo (first name : ‘Whole the Nation’), gathered thousands of Islamists in a closed facility to teach them the skills they need to live in modern society. Chen Quanguo

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