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Article by Drs Alfred Vierling, published in Ab Aeterno , Journal of the Academy of Social & Political Research, june 2013, issue 15) see also interesting comments.


During the Bilderberg Conference 2013 at the adjacent fringe festival at Watford, near London, where not much additional information to what is known about the official conference (1) has been revealed , I met accomplished Data Scientist Richard Jones, a mathematician with large experience in intelligence and nuclear facilities.(2)

He has given me an unpublished scientific report intent on refuting all official (NASA) denials of the thesis, that the Cassini space probe can cause a nuclear explosion that would pulverise our globe, after deliberate impact on Saturn in 2017. I have searched on the internet for criticisms of this thesis (3) and confronted him with them for comment (4 ). All credits for the scientific part of this article as well as some ´esoteric´ intro´s goes to Jones.


So far so good. I am not a scientist and cannot gauge or assess all the technicalities, let alone the quantum mechanics of the feasibility and probability analyses. But the report has also a second part, dealing with the motive, if any, of those preparing for the Cassini-on-Saturn collision.

The explanation of these maybe irrational propulsions presupposes knowledge or at least an unbiased objective scientific philological and unprejudiced attitude and willingness to get acquainted with a universe, be it even more bizarre than the one reconoitered by our space shuttles.

Religious fanatics may be attempting to turn Saturn Nova by impacting a large amount of Plutonium with a Gas Giant planet, in accordance with their nihilistic beliefs. There is a genuine significant risk that this impact could make the Earth a sterile cinder. The nihilistic belief systems of these decision makers need to be removed from society and replaced with life affirming positive ones.
The main report separates the intelligence information from the scientific to aid the cognitive processes of the experts in these two very different fields.
It seems even more difficult to assess the probability of these motives than the technical motive, but since the actual eventual goal, i.e. the annihilation of our earth, is ultimately lethal, it must be assessed and addressed. The first nuclear propelled missiles like the ICBM´s were wrought in a laboratory JPL which was founded and partially staffed with people associated with the Occult movement the Ordi Templi Orientis (OTO) It is a simple fact that the NASA rocket program was founded and partially staffed by people whose organisational occult focus was literally the “Black Sun”. Both of these groups fervently believe in the ideas of Human Evolution being guided by non-corporeal non-human intelligences often referred to as “Ascended Masters”.

I would like to emphazise that we are here not talking about anything like the ´UFO´
material government disinformation which was created on the orders of a “Bilderberg” type meeting in 1917. Note that William Cooper wrote in his excellent book “Behold a Pale Horse” about apocalyptic ? Edward Teller and the JASON group and mentions the attempt to ignite Jupiter before NASA decided to impact Galileo with Jupiter.

We must also verify the relation of these motives with the ones propelling the advocates of the New World Order (5) . This is an open question demanding further investigation and I leave it to to Ab Aeterno readers to contribute to its revelation.

I. The techno/nuclear prolegomena of the deliberate Cassini probe (nuclear) Impact on Saturn

The Report affirms the application of the Laws of Physics without any emotional attachment, to use Occam’s Razor, to assume the worst case scenario Murphy’s Law or Sod’s Law . It also recommends free group discussions, within an objective and skilled team that are not under pressure from outside forces, are highly beneficial in eliminating subjective viewpoints or personal fears of individual team members. I assert that modern management techniques of compartmentalisation, strict scoping, high pressure short timeframes, blind compliance to numerous arbitrary rules are likely to lead to significant mistakes.

a. Bizarre Meeting

Jones attended a seminar on the “Electric Propulsion of Spacecraft” at the British Interplanetary Society, London on 19th May 1993, as he was very interested in the development of Ion propulsion systems and their applications. The seminar was very detailed on many points and gave a very good overview of the state of the art. Since he had been responsible for running many different computer simulation programs for the design of Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors for the Reactor Physics department of Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories, he was especially interested in the designs of the nuclear power plants of the various different spacecraft. The seminar provided much interesting detailed documentation on this subject, however, during the very positive presentation of the Survey of spacecraft power systems someone asked the question “Was it really necessary for the Galileo probe to use Plutonium as a power source?” There was a very long “pregnant” pause. It must have lasted at least fifteen seconds. Everyone was absolutely silent and expectant and Jones realized that they all knew something that he did not and I wondered what on Earth was going on. The speaker eventually stated that there was absolutely no reason for the use of Plutonium as a power source as other safer isotopes were perfectly capable of powering the Galileo mission. He also went on to say that its use contravened several International agreements and that it was effectively illegal but that did not seem to concern the USA.
This refutation was not sufficient to placate the questioner who demanded an answer from another attendee who was an acknowledged expert on Nuclear power supplies and in particular the Russian designs. This person discussed the relative advantages of using Plutonium and other isotopes and eventually clearly stated that there was absolutely no good reason to use Plutonium and plenty of reasons for not using it. The questioner was still unsatisfied and asked the opinion of yet another expert, presumably from Culham laboratories. Again the answer was that other isotopes would have done the job just as well and with a much greater safety factor. There was then a general debate about this topic which lasted fifteen minutes, where it was decided that the arguments for the use of Plutonium as a power source just did not bear more than a casual scrutiny. The clear and definite conclusion from these European experts was: “There is absolutely no reason to use Plutonium in the Galileo probe” The question was then asked “Why then are NASA using Plutonium to power Galileo?” Nobody had a clue as to the answer to this question. So, here we have an example of misdirection i.e. the solar panel option versus the Plutonium Isotope power source. As the European Rocket scientists stated, a safe fission Isotope could have been used instead of highly toxic and nuclear explosive Plutonium. The NASA “Fact Sheet” also attempts to hide the fact that around 23% of the Plutonium is Plutonium 239, which is the preferred isotope for Nuclear Weapons.

b. The Invalid “Environmental” argument for Galileo – Jupiter Impact:
NASA stated that because of possible Earth bacterial contamination from the Galileo probe it should be impacted into Jupiter rather than one of Jupiter’s airless moons. Similar arguments are used for Cassini – Saturn impact. This argument does not bear scrutiny. First an airless moon of Jupiter will have a regular number of meteorites impacting it on a daily basis. So one space probe won’t make much difference. Secondly the Galileo probe had been out in the vacuum of space for 14 years receiving large amounts of raw sterilising radiation so it is highly unlikely that any bacteria will have survived. We use radiation to sterilise our food on a regular basis and it is a very effective technique. Those vegetables in sealed plastic that do not decay and have no fungus if left for months have been treated in this way. Thirdly modern theories concerning the propagation of life in the Universe predict that Enzymes and Virus material are likely to develop on Interstellar Dust grains and will of course be falling onto the moons of Jupiter in the natural course of events. Interstellar Amino Acids have been detected, so this is a substantiated theory. Fourthly, the atmosphere of a gas giant like Jupiter / Saturn contains water and hydrocarbons such as ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulphide. The temperature varies within the atmosphere from very low to over 1,000 degrees K. So we have good conditions for life met inside Jupiter’s atmosphere, but not on one of its moons with no atmosphere.

So clearly Jupiter / Saturn is the place that needs environmental protection and not one of its moons with no atmosphere. Their argument itself makes absolutely no logical sense at all. They contradict themselves, for if NASA are truly concerned about the effect on a few off-world microbes of our bacteria, why are they so unconcerned about the very real danger to human and animal life on the planet Earth provided by the unnecessary toxic material Plutonium in their probe.

c. . Serious Health Risks Associated with Plutonium
When Jones read about the use of Plutonium 238 in the radioisotope thermo electric generator (RTGs ) he was concerned. At first he was mostly concerned about the possibility of the probe burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere and spreading toxic Plutonium throughout the Earth’s atmosphere. He was employed at Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories in the Nuclear Physics department to run long term reactor simulations of many different types of reactors containing many different blends of Isotopes of mainly Uranium and Plutonium. The idea was to work out the optimum blend of Isotopes for a given reactor geometry. His group also evaluated emergency shutdown situations after many years operation. He studied books on Nuclear Physics but most of his practical knowledge was from the daily departmental meeting at the coffee machine. Here he learned that when a US satellite burnt up with just 3 Kg of Plutonium in the Southern Hemisphere the incidents of radioactivity related cancers increased by 50% in the Southern Hemisphere ( You may be unaware of this fact ). He also learnt that there are two reference books that state the “safe” levels of radiation. One is the publicly published set of limits , that is used by the armed services. The other secret book is the true level limits which are much lower (The armed forces did not have access to this information). Some of his department had access to this information, because they provided the isotopes used in the experiments for the studies. Since all colleagues worked sitting on top of a Nuclear Reactor every day, the true effects were of considerable personal interest and were discussed in some detail. The second book says effectively that any level of radiation is harmful and that the harm increases linearly with radiation level at the lower end of the scale. Jones is talking in general terms here, there are different types of radiation and some are much more harmful than others. Background radiation is not harmless as it is one of the factors that make you die of old age. Plutonium is one of the worst kinds so death is much more swift.
Galileo carried 15.6 Kg of Plutonium 238 and Cassini carries 32.7 Kg.. so the risk of cancer increase from a Cassini accident was approximately a 5000 % increase or approximately 50 times the current incident rates. If you have any history of cancer deaths in your family then this information should be of personal interest as it is your own personal health at risk.

Here we are also confronted with a deliberate false screen. Consider the Spacecraft Power for Cassini, NASA Fact Sheet. This document states “RTGs are not nuclear reactors”, “Graphite is used because it is lightweight and highly heat-resistant”. Carbon is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors to slow down neutrons and increase the rate of fission. The Magnox and AGR nuclear reactors for which Jones ran simulations at Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories, had Uranium/Plutonium Oxide pellets in metal cans that were inside a reactor core made of graphite. The General Purpose Heat System is a small scale version of the same sort of configuration. It is clearly a low temperature nuclear reactor but not one operating near criticality. So why did they lie?

This was an insane risk to take.
Informing the Military of false acceptable radiation levels has a strange benefit. There is a huge difference between individuals on the effects of radiation. Much of this is due to attitude. A “Gung-Ho” squaddie who is fit and healthy will recover quickly from illness. So this attitude helps his body to recuperate from the damage done by the radiation. It is better for his state of mind if he believes that he has been unharmed by radiation. Conversely when he undergoes mental trauma, such as divorce, unemployment, leaving the Army he is likely to fall prey to the long term physical effects of radiation exposure. Hence the “Gulf War” syndrome.
One time Jones was having a discussion at the Royal Armament R&D (RARDE) about the evaluation of an anti-tank system and was informed of the widespread use of Depleted Uranium in the US military. This was of concern to his group because they knew that Depleted Uranium kills the person using the munitions just as effectively as the target. Firing Depleted Uranium just takes longer and is a much more unpleasant death. The group could not understand why the US would use weapons that have such terrible side effects. At the time they were proud that the British Army took better care of its troops but the current generation seem to be incompetent. (His department looked on its job as saving British lives in a combat situation).
It is worth mentioning that at Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories his group discussed the reactor designs of the type used at Fukushima . They were very concerned about the design because they knew that there was no way of shutting the reactor down in a disaster situation. Reactor Physicists had come up with designs of Boron balls to be dropped into the reactor or Boron rods to be explosively fired into the reactor core to effect an emergency shutdown. These were expensive safety measures and the power companies would not accept them as the reactor would be shut down permanently with the associated loss of revenue. His group knew then, many years ago, that the designs were flawed and unsafe. The problem is that the final decisions rested with ignorant mercenary people who did not understand the full extent of the catastrophe that they risked. Fukushima is a serious long term threat to many peoples’ lives on this planet including you, if your family is susceptible to cancer. There is a small risk that such reactors in a meltdown situation could detonate as a fission bomb. This possibility was discussed at Berkeley. All reactors of this type should be shut down now and decision making should be placed in the hands of responsible and well informed people and not mental midgets who act blindly in accordance with some spurious agenda. How did the organisational structure allow the supreme madness of the idea of using liquid sodium to cool down fast breeder reactors? Anyone with GCSE level chemistry can work out the massive deadly risk lurking here. We need to answer this question and take appropriate measures to ensure that these mistakes are not repeated.

2. Fission Bomb Scenarios
The report continues to give alternative plutonium fission scenarios and explanations of the nuclear devices with the aid of technical representations/drawings. It mentions three Fission Bomb Scenarios: Fusion boosted Fission detonation; Plutonium Sphere Detonation; Bi-conical Mini-Nuke detonation; . I shall not dwell upon all here, but in some e/mails Jones specifies, that if each RTG retains integrity deep within Jupiter / Saturns atmosphere then the “Fusion Boosted Fission Device”  scenario is most likely. In fact the presence of the graphite heat shield to slow fast neutrons would add to the effectiveness in this mode of operation and he believes that is the  main intended function of the graphite. The diabolical genius of this method is that fission detonation takes place only at the layer where Deuterium is highly concentrated. The fission explosion is then almost certainly going to result in the Deuterium shell burning up in a vast fusion explosion. This could result in a Nova and end all life on Earth, including …the Bilderbergers in their Bunkers. He adds on another occacion, that the “implosion” that most people talk about is not required.
The Biconical Mini Nuke (i.e. Dutch engineer Van der Worp’s ) scenario does use it but it is not necessary in the other fission detonation techniques. The reason for this is that the “implosion” is simply to physically compress the plutonium so the atoms are closer together and have more chance of being hit by neutrons and starting a chain reaction. Deep inside Saturn, the normal atmospheric pressure will reach up to 10 times the pressure reached on Earth by explosives in “implosion” bombs. So detonation is certain for small quantities of Plutonium from around 54g Pu239 upwards.
Note here, that deliberate disinformation was given by NASA. U238 captures neutrons to become Pu239. The U235 heaters (not in Jones´ report) provide neutrons, the graphite heat shield slows them and any U238 will be converted to Pu239 over a number of years. Jones expects that they used U238 instead of Pu238 as it has the same mass. This explains why there is an excessive amount of radioactive material for the mission, over three times more than needed for the original NASA planned mission which was twelve years shorter. Buying Pu238 was a bit of misdirection to prevent people reaching the correct conclusion about the real purpose of the mission..

Fusion Boosted Fission Scenario
Jupiter and Saturn have very large atmospheres that are comprised of mainly Hydrogen. The Earth does not have sufficient mass to hold gaseous Hydrogen which is much lighter and more tenuous that our Nitrogen / Oxygen atmosphere. The power sources are designed to survive a high speed impact with Earth’s much denser atmosphere upper atmosphere. So it would be much easier for them to survive entering Jupiter or Saturn’s lower density upper atmosphere. The increasing atmospheric friction is almost certainly going to eventually burn up much of the spacecraft body like a meteorite as the density of the atmosphere increases but it could very well slow down the atmospheric entry speed enough for the each of the RTG’s to be able to survive as a cohesive unit, as they are specifically designed to do that in a accidental re-entry to Earth’s Atmosphere. Assuming that the power core assembly of the RTG survives then eventually it will slow down to a very low velocity like the ball bearing in a jar of glycerine experiment that we do at school. This is the General Purpose Heat Source ( GPHS). The Iridium Capsule containing the Plutonium Oxide pellet is designed as follows: There are two iridium cups that overlap and contain the fuel pellet. Iridium is a rare metal that costs around $1000 per ounce. It is brittle and very heat resistant and it is those properties that make it a component of some fusion bomb devices. It is used to create shockwaves and the compression in these interacting shockwaves is sufficient for fusion reactions to occur.
Note that there is an inbuilt vent that is designed to allow Helium gas to escape. So, there is not total isolation by the iridium capsule. Plutonium Sphere Detonation Scenario.

Plutonium Sphere Detonation Scenario.
The most publically obvious fission bomb detonation scenario that Jones came up with had a slight problem in that it needed a hole in the Iridium cladding. We have the following ingredients in Jupiter or Saturn’s atmosphere: Plutonium 238 Oxide , Plutonium 239 Oxide ( 23%),Carbon Impact Shell, Hydrogen at extreme high pressure, Heat. So under certain conditions Plutonium Oxide (>23%) can be reduced by the Hydrogen to its metal state. Since the plutonium is in free fall in a viscous medium it will naturally coalesce into a metallic sphere. Now imagine a Plutonium sphere of 11kg falling slowly through an ever increasingly dense Hydrogen atmosphere. This is a variation of the well known China Syndrome, that is the melting down throughout the earth all the way to the other side of where it happened, so New Zealand ‘s melting reactor core would travel to its antipode, The Netherlands. Note, that the percentages given were for the start of the mission and will have changed considerably after 23 years.
There are several additional factors to note:-
As the density of Hydrogen increases more Neutrons are reflected back.
Plutonium undergoes phase changes at standard pressure with a sudden increase of density at 700 deg. So we can expect sudden phase changes at higher pressures also. A sudden phase change that increased density could easily trigger a runaway chain reaction and a nuclear fission detonation. Eventually physical compression by the weight of the atmosphere alone will ensure detonation.
11Kg is twice the critical mass of Plutonium required for a fission detonation at low Earthly pressures. There are also other Isotopes other than Plutonium 238 present that increase the likelihood of a fission detonation such as Plutonium 239 and Uranium 235. Since the surrounding atmospheric pressure is so high the fissile material will not be able to escape or expand quickly and so it will not fizzle but will consume all the Plutonium and be a high yield explosion. Since the surrounding Hydrogen is at extreme pressure and density, shock waves will travel much faster and fusion reactions are much more likely.
There are three spheres in reasonably close proximity. The neutrons from the first explosion could trigger the remaining two spheres. The interacting shockwaves from all three are very likely to result in a large fusion detonation as well as the fission detonations.

The fusion reaction in the planets atmosphere could become temporarily self sustaining resulting in a Nova type explosion. This would be a temporary second sun as neither planet is massive enough to sustain long term hydrogen burning. We are now talking about energy of a dynamic Astronomical Event. Exploding a fusion device deep inside Saturn is like striking a match inside the works of a firework factory. Not recommended! To grasp the size of the forces being unleashed here this fusion explosion would “burn” a mass of Deuterium equal to that of our Moon.  Our largest and most destructive Thermonuclear bombs just “burn” the equivalent  of a few tens of kilograms of Deuterium!!!!. And that is just the initial explosion, more of Saturn’s atmosphere could be converted by the energy held in the metallic hydrogen core. Some planetary theorists put the deep atmosphere of Saturn at a pressure of around 30 megabars, that is 10 times higher than the requirement for the fusion powered fission device.
A percentage of Saturn’s atmosphere is naturally occurring Deuterium, which is heavier than monatomic Hydrogen and will therefore settle to the lower regions of the atmosphere. The same argument can be made for any Tritium that could be produced by any natural radioactive elements found at the planets core. So we could have a Deuterium / Tritium boundary layer occurring naturally in Saturn’s atmosphere. This would be the most likely zone for fusion detonation to occur. The neutron flux from the Plutonium initiates Deuterium – Deuterium and Deuterium – Tritium fusion reactions in Saturn’s atmosphere, which additionally increases the neutron flux again and causes rapidly increasing fission within the Plutonium material and this eventually makes the fission material go critical and explode. Because of the extreme high pressure the fission material will not fizzle but will give a high yield fission explosion. Shockwaves from the fission explosion, combined with the already high neutron flux will cause a fusion detonation.
I would like to add: No one can authoritatively refute this scenario because no one really has a clue as to the actual composition of the deep layers of Saturn’s atmosphere. No measurements have been made. All currently stated models of the deep internal structure are hypothetical. It is very normal in the history of Astronomy and Astrophysics for accepted theoretical models to be significantly wrong. Recent research has indicated that the mechanism known as “Cold Fusion” is a real but not understood mechanism. There is widespread misinformation about “Cold Fusion” because of mercenary and political interests. However this real but not understood mechanism could provide additional energy to the Saturn Nova scenario and should be taken into account in a rigorous model. Obviously due to ignorance this is impossible at present. Hence there are no truly rigorous models available. The “Dark Matter” fiasco. How did “Dark Matter” get accepted into current Astrophysical dogma? To prop up flawed current theories on the ratio of matter to energy most scientists have accepted the idea that most of the Universe is made up of invisible non-existent matter. In more sane times this argument would have been labelled as Reductio ad absurdum proving that our current best theories are incorrect. It is quite conforting social scientists, who up till now believed that astronomy was genuine science based on measurement unlike their ´litterature´, to hear that the physiciists have no clue about 90% of the universe!.

3. Too high a risk taken and plaidoyer for stopping the Cassini on Saturn Impact Project.

The report continues to address the commonly used two-layer envelop model of Saturn or Jupiter, claiming that it is a simplification of their structure : Heavy element abundance would rather be expected to vary continuously as a function of radius. It then deals with the relative abundance of light metals like Lithium and Beryllium on Saturn (an aspect underestimated during the Castle Bravo Nuclear Test near Bikini 1954!) , then the fact that shockwaves in the metallic hydrogen could initiate fusion or simply release the energy of a phase transition to fluid. According to one report this energy release is of the order of 25 times the same mass of TNT. , the fact that the weight of the hydrogen in the fluid / gaseous layer is insufficient to compress the Hydrogen burning layer and so much of it will be blown off. This results from the fact that the fusion reaction was not spontaneously caused by pressure of the atmosphere but was initiated by a fission / fusion bomb.
The report specifies that the Dynamic Astronomical events that we are describing may be comparable to that of a Nova (New Star) or a Supernova. The fact that the fluid / gaseous Hydrogen layer is much thinner than in a star and will permit more radiation to escape does not work in our favour. If the Metallic Hydrogen core explodes then the mechanism could be closer to a Supernova event than a Nova event. E.g.: Sun in its steady equilibrium state radiates heat, light, x-rays etc at what we call one Solar Luminosity. I.e.: 1 L⊙A Supernova emits a total energy of 100,000,000,000,000 L⊙ ( At Saturn’s distance that would vaporise the Earth). A Nova emits a total energy of 100,000 L⊙ (Biosphere burnt to a sterile cinder ) Because Saturn is much smaller than a Star the energy output would be reduced by a factor around 1,000 which is already taken into account regarding the effects in brackets. Besides, Saturn could output considerable heat for a period of several weeks or months. This would be sufficient to kill all life on Earth, except that it is most likely that it would already be a sterile world. In addition, Saturn’s explosion could entail more solar activity.
Jones is in accord with the theories of the Dutch engineer Van Der Worp, who also mentions an X-ray Gamma Ray pulse that could sterilise the Solar system.   The outer shell of Saturn would get blown off as van der Dorp says. Jones thought of the terrible effect it would have on the Sun and van der Worp thought of the terrible effect it would have on Earth’s atmosphere. Earth’s atmosphere would have all the oxygen transformed by burning to water. So first you get burnt and then there is no air to breathe. Jones, for all the above-mentioned estimates that the Saturn Nova scenario is a probable scenario ( p > 0.5 ). This is much higher than his initial estimate of p < 0.005 , which did not take into account various processes such as the fusion boosted fission reaction and discrepancies in the estimates of the relative abundance of element isotopes. He is confident that a Saturn Nova would make all life on Earth extinct ( p > 0.95 ). This estimate is based on years of reviewing quantified dynamic astrophysical events, combined with a recent review of new theoretical models for Cosmic X-Ray and Gamma Ray sources. So, he has demonstrated here, without any doubt, that there is a significant risk that Cassini impacting Saturn as planned for September 2017 could make all life extinct on Earth.
The NASA reports, though, not only give a completely inaccurate and misleading evaluation of the dangers presented by Plutonium being burnt up in Earth’s atmosphere, but they also give a completely inaccurate and misleading evaluation of the dangers presented by Plutonium being dropped deep inside Saturn’s atmosphere.

II esoteric motives

After this quite dazzling techno-nuclear part, I have to warn you for the coming mind-boggling rather esoteric aspects to be explained. A person who is completely ignorant of the facts specified below may have difficulty in accepting them as the new information threatens their carefully constructed world view (ego).

Black Sun – Modern Fascist Symbol

Most people are aware that the “Black Sun” is the current symbol in use by fascists as a means for identification within Europe and that it has replaced the Swastika, which is outlawed in Germany. The Black Sun is represented by twelve Sig Runes surrounding a central Black Sun. This symbol is built into the floor of the North Tower of Wewelsburg castle near Paderborn, Germany. Twelve inner circle SS Officers would stand around each of the twelve points of the symbol, chanting occult prayers with the high priest Himmler at the centre, making 13 in total. This is very similar to the standard practice of a coven of witches, which is not surprising as the leaders of the SS adhered to a German branch of Theosophy called Arisophy. There is a Latin inscription over the door of the North tower that states that its purpose is for “prayers”. [witchcraft and Theosophy have nothing in common, and Ariosophy less so. A coven of 13 does not relate to anything in Theosophy).
The Theosophists and Arisophists believe that autonomous spiritual beings typically called “Ascended Masters” are helping to guide the development of the human race into a race of Übermensch (superman). According to them superior non-human spiritual beings are guiding our evolution. (This is Theosophical, but one would question that it is Ariosophical?) They believe in a hierarchical system of human organisation, where massive and deliberately painful sacrifice of human lives serves to propel the leader of the hierarchy into the immortal spiritual state of “Ascended Master”. The massive human sacrifice is usually done by the methods of warfare, concentration camps and nowadays by more subtle but decidedly deliberate means. This is the fundamental motivation for warfare and various other crimes against humanity.
It is vitally important to realise that some people hold these beliefs very literally. If you peruse the texts on Magic ( light skimming is recommended ) you soon realise that the sort of person who is deeply steeped in such activities will have no difficulty in committing mega-death homicides as has been demonstrated in recent history. ( Atheist Scientists NB: To interpret hidden motives you need to comprehend the psychological mind set of the effect even if it is highly distasteful to you. Sorry}.
Past “Ascended Masters” are similar to the idea of classical heroes such Perseus who was immortalised and placed among the stars, which is the act of Ascension. The Theosophists and Arisophists are Sun worshippers and believe that Stars have very powerful autonomous spiritual forces associated with them which are not human in origin. The creation of the “Black Sun” is supposed to give massive psychic powers to the followers responsible for its creation and they believe this will enable them to dominate the remainder of humanity on the planet. This belief, slightly veiled is graphically demonstrated in the film 2010, which was written by Arthur C Clarke who was a Theosophist. (6) They hold the erroneous belief that this event will grant them immortality and god like powers. )
Well, Jones as he told me dismissed this particular belief as too weird until a German friend of his, who hated science fiction vehemently, told him in significant detail the plot of 2010. He was certain that she only knew about this because it was an important doctrinal aspect of the beliefs of her circle of right wing political friends. She had not seen the film.
I can deliver corroborating evidence referring to my long-term personal discussions with late Floortje Rost van Tonningen-Heubel, the ‘black widow’ of Nazi President of the Dutch National Bank, Meinoud Rost van Tonningen. On their request Heinrich Himmler, the German Reichsführer-SS, had their marriage ‘gegutachtet’. After the Secund World War she kept friendship with among others Robert Faurisson, David Irving,, Gudrun Burwitz-Himmler, and Margarethe Boden (the daughter respectively the wife of Heinrich Himmler), Ilse Hess (wife of Rudolf Hess), Gertrud en Arthur Seyss-Inquart, the nazi Chancelier in The Netherlands., Hans Albin Rauter, Léon Degrelle the Belgian Rex chairmain, Franz von Papen, princess Marie Adelheid zur Lippe (grand-aunt of queen now princess Beatrix), Paula Hitler, Ernst Zündel, General Otto Ernst Remer, and Horst Mahler, the now imprisoned lawyer of first the Rote Armee Fraktion then the National Party of Germany (NPD). (7)
She was a decent always calm aristocratic personality and when she was confronted with presumed pictures of the holocaust during a Dutch television interview (Het Zwarte Schaap (black sheep) she could unverfroren (ice coldishly) claim ‘This is Dresden’, referring to the 488.000 victims of the allied bombing of that city. She has been received as a V.I.P. among others at the Ulrichsbergtreffen in Austria and the European Congress of Youth in Thessaloniki.
Floortje was herself a firm believer of the Black Sun belief system of the Fraternitas Saturni (x See ‘Fire and Ice’by Dr. Stephen Flowers’. She was from a young age involved with the inner works of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) and has been active in spreading this belief among the youngsters. So it is certain that the German Fascist movement is well motivated to bring about the Nova of Jupiter or Saturn. It is an obvious assumption that the Fraternitas Saturni, a German breakaway group of the OTO ( Ordo Templi Orientis) would prefer Saturn. Fraternatis Saturni was, however, banned by the Nazis, as were the Theosophists and all other such occult organisations. They fought all this Masonry. There seems to be an assumption that the Black sun of the SS was the same system as FS.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Founded by OTO

The Cassini Probe was built by and is controlled by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (JPL – Jack Parsons Lab), founded by John W. “Jack” Parsons, Frank J. Malina, Ed Forman, guided by their mentor Theodore Von Karman of CALTECH. It was initially called the Aerojet company and provided rocket assisted take-off for the US air force. Jack Parsons developed the solid rocket engine booster, which was essential for the development of ICBMs, Apollo Moon Landing and the Space Shuttle. Jack Parsons was in close communication with Werner Von Braun, the ex-Nazi SS Officer brought to the US at the end of World War II under Operation Paperclip. Von Braun effectively headed the US Space Program. Jack Parsons was a member of the American branch of the German occult organisation known as the OTO ( Ordo Templi Orientis). He practiced Enochian Magic which originated in England with Dr John Dee , Elizabeth I’s astrologer and spy. OTO was taken over by Crowley, and ceased to be a German association. It was banned in Germany, and Crowley was involved in occult activities with MI5 against the Nazis, as he has also helped British Intel in the USA during WWI, spying on the Germans.
Enochian magic is a type of magic that uses tables of Rune like letters (is there a relationship with runes ? It was invented by Dee possibly as a code as he worked as a spy for England) and that is centrally concerned with creating the Biblical Apocalypse. According to Enochian magic, if a certain ritual is performed the world will end. Jack Parsons undertook a sex magic ritual called “The Babalon Working”. (Is this Enochian magic ?). This ritual is supposed to bring “The Whore of Babylon” from the spiritual realm and make it physical in the real world. It is best to think of “The Whore of Babylon” as a Jungian Archetype or as a set of beliefs and obsessive thoughts that have two major aspects:-
Purely Sexual relationships with no love
War ending in total destruction

Most modern people will scoff at these ideas thinking that such a ritual has no real effect on normal people or society as a whole. So lets simply look at the real world effects of Jack Parsons :-

Jack Parsons birthed the ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic missiles) (x I worked on nuclear strategies at the Free University of Amsterdam, Department of Physics)
L Ron Hubbard took part in the “Babalon” ceremony and created Scientology, a thinly disguised version of the OTO ( See their Operating Thetan symbol).
Marjorie Cameron the sex partner in the ritual had three family members working at JPL for many years.
Jack Parsons had the following influential Sci-Fi writers living at his house:-
A E Van Vogt – Originator of Star Trek
Robert Heinlein – Promoter of free sex ( OTO Sex magic?)
L Ron Hubbard – Dianetics – Xanu
Jack Williamson – Legion of Space
Forrest Ackerman – Sci-Fi Promoter
These writers captured the imaginations of many teenagers and effectively conditioned them to certain belief systems unsurprisingly close to those of the Babalon working.
The Star Trek franchise and the Stargate franchise are effectively conditioning viewers with the “Babalon Call” Archetype.
Perpetual Warfare using increasingly destructive technology
Stargate uses Enochian type Runes and gateway concepts
Frank Malina, disgusted at the destructive potential of JPL, left his post as head of the organisation to become an artist. His art is an expression of Theosophical ideas.

III The ultimate link with the Bilderbergers

The Rothschilds can be linked easily to the mind control aspect of the Theosophical society via Stanley Kubrick , who was almost certainly murdered after producing “Eyes Wide Shut”, which filmed the actual house previously owned and built by the Rothschilds in Leighton Buzzard. The Rothschilds are documented as running a  sex magic club in Germany (Satanic) as depicted in the film. Details in the above/mentioned (e)book. Stanley Kubrick was the insider who showed the Theosophical doctrine in the 2001 film, where he worked closely with Arthur C Clarke.  Arthur C Clarke also wrote a book, “Childhoods End”, in which the classic devil complete with horns and forked tail comes to Earth as an Alien and all humanity is destroyed apart from a few select “Star Children”. (Theosophical doctrine again)(8).

David Rockefeller, the honorary Bilderberg member and participant 2013, owns the Lucis Trust which produced the (e)book, entitled ´Soul Psychology: The Keys to Ascension’, by Dr. Joshua David Stone. The Lucis Trust is the publication arm of the Theosophical Society (Their original magazine was called “Lucifer”)(A breakway faction?) The Theosophical Society is one of the core societies in this nihilistic belief system and Arthur C Clarke author of 2010 was supposedly a member.
In another Lucis Trust book entitled ‘Ponder This’, the author Alice Bailey takes telepathic dictation from the Ascended Master called Djwal Khul , which promotes the idea that spreading radioactive pollution will help the human race to evolve to the ‘next level’rather than increase cancer.
Their publications fall into two categories (1) For public consumption – i.e: propaganda (2) For the elite – how to treat the masses. It is of revealing significance to notice that the Saturn solstice fixed the point in time for the impact for 2017. The power source was overdesigned to allow for this extended mission time.
Here we see David Rockefeller as the latest if not the last modern Aeschillean Prometheus,
 a Greek mythological figure who as thief of fire from the Gods represented human striving, particularly the quest for scientific knowledge, and the risk of overreaching or unintended consequences.

Jack Parsons has been demonstrated to have been very effective in leaving a lasting following in this world. It is highly likely that JPL is controlled by people with his nihilistic belief system.
Jones reaches to the following conclusions
NASA likewise may closely be associated with followers of the “Black Sun” ideology. These people have a direct motive ( or unconscious compulsion? ) to bring about the Saturn Nova Apocalypse scenario. Key members of JPL / NASA / ESA intend for Cassini to ignite a fusion reaction in Saturn, causing a Saturn Nova. They expect to survive, possibly physically in an underground bunker, or in some non-physical form ascending from the ashes of the rest of humanity. They are in error. All humanity will perish including themselves and their expected Ascension is in reality a crazy delusion.

It is clear to the reader that just preventing the Cassini – Saturn impact is not sufficient to ensure our safety. All aspects of the causes of such dreadful decision making need to be permanently removed from society.

Drs Alfred Vierling
june 2013


1. Mathematical Consultant for The Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment, Fort Halstead, Kent. Reactor Physics Research Assistant at Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories, Glos. Research Graduate in Astrophysics at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy, University College Cardiff).
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3. The Universe Today article should not be taken seriously. There are numerous stellar ignition mechanisms that take place during the normal evolution of a star over millions of years, which are similar in effect to the “Deuterium Flash” mechanism that we can expect from Cassini. They underestimate the power of dynamic astronomical events
4. Cf Europe of the Lodges and the Banks, K Bolton , AA 2010nr 2 and The Secret Government of the World etc, D. Michalopoulos, AA 2010, nr 4’
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and Tony Gosling on Bilderberg freemasonic lucifer project connection (explanation of symbolic drawings) at htps://

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  1. vierling says:

    Saturnian Apocalypse and the ‘Fascist’ Connection’
    A Rejoinder to Dr. Alfred Vierling

    Kerry Bolton

    Dr Vierling’s paper on a plan to make Saturn into a supernova with the intent of destroying life on Earth, in this issue of Ab Aeterno, makes for bizarre but interesting reading. He marshals convincing evidence from an expert in the field of nuclear weaponry and power, Richard Jones, that a space probe destined for Saturn in 2017 will have devastating consequences for Earth. While this could be entirely a matter of scientific dispute over the consequences, Jones and Dr Vierling go further and state that there is a deliberate plan to create an Earthly apocalypse via the devastating ignition of Saturn by initiates of a Saturnian cult. Dr Vierling warns, and expects, many to find an esoteric explanation inherently beyond credibility. I am not one of those sceptics. Indeed, my 2006 doctoral thesis is on the influence of occult societies, including Freemasonry and Theosophy, on politics.1 The basis of that dissertation is that the mundane reality of such belief systems is not as crucial as the fact that they are fervently believed and acted upon in the mundane realm. It is naïve to dismiss the existence of a ‘conspiracy’ by a group of zealots simply because one does not believe in the reality of their ideas. Indeed, one comment by Dr Richard Spence on my thesis is pertinent to this discussion:

    One thing that I strongly agree with is your assertion that the objective reality of doctrines and theories discussed is not the issue, but whether or not people were motivated to act on them or affected by those who did. I emphasize the identical thing in my class on Conspiracies and Secret Societies in History. In that respect I think your work is a worthwhile tool indeed.2

    It is from here that we should proceed. Having said that, my thinking parts from that of Dr Vierling and Mr Jones insofar as they have introduced a ‘Nazi’, ‘Rightist’, ‘Fascist’ element into a ‘esoteric conspiracy’ by high level scientist-initiates, which approaches the type of ‘pop history’ that has been the character of most books and essays on ‘Nazism and the occult’. One thinks here of a long pedigree of books such as The Occult Reich,3 Satan and Swastika,4 and The Spear of Destiny.5 There are dozens of books on the subject, as one can generally make any allegations about ‘Nazism’, ‘Fascism’ or the Right without being challenged. One of the few scholarly efforts to trace connections between the occult and the National Socialist party is the late Dr Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s Occult Roots of Nazism. Goodrick-Clarke, while establishing a very indirect link between pre-World War I Ariosophy and the National Socialist party, rejects the exaggerations that have linked groups such as Ariosophy, the Thule Society and the Vril Society to the rise of Hitler. For examples he states that Dietrich Eckart, Hitler’s early mentor, and Alfred Rosenberg, were ‘never more than guests of Thule during its heyday’, while the geopolitical theorist Karl Haushofer, did not have any link to the society, despite much fantasy being weaved around these individuals and their alleged occult links.6 The influencing of Lanz von Liebenfels and his Order of New Templars in pre-World War I Austro-Hungary on the young Hitler and subsequently on the Third Reich, is also put into context by Goodrick-Clarke, pointing out that the Order was dissolved by the Nazis and Lanz was prohibited from publishing with the advent of the Third Reich.7 It should be kept in mind that Hitler’s views were rather prevalent in Central Europe in his youth and his ideas in Mein Kampf are not particularly original but came from a widespread intellectual milieu, of which the Lanz movement was one manifestation. Another was the Wotenist and runic mysticism of Von List, likewise without significant influence on Hitler. While Rudolf von Sebottendorff, founder of the Thule Society, was influenced by both Lanz and von List, the influence of Thule on the foundation of the Nazi party has been exaggerated. Sebotterndorf was gone from the scene by 1919. ‘There no evidence Hitler ever attended the Thule Society, states Goodrick-Clarke, and such theorists were increasingly marginalized well before the party assumed power’. Furthermore, occult societies were prohibited in the Third Reich, including those with a volkisch foundation. 8
    The most enduring occult influence on an aspect of the Third Reich was Karl Maria Wiligut, the runic mystic who fascinated Himmler, who advised on the redesign of Wewelsburg castle as the SS ‘centre of the world’.9 If Wiligut had a certain influence within the SS, he was also met with influential opposition, meaning that the SS, like all other departments and divisions of the Nazi party, were not as monolithic as popularly supposed. Wiligut and other esoteric runologists were opposed in particular by the Ahenenerbe, a scholarly research division of the SS,10 itself often the centre of pop historical fantasies about occultism. By early 1939 Wiligut’s research division was closed by Himmler’s chief of staff, Karl Wolff, and Wiligut was retired. Wiligut remained without influence, and died in 1946.11

    Is Saturn the Black Sun?
    Dr Vierling and Mr Jones’ hypothesis wrests on the assumption that the Black Sun motif that adorns the floor of the inner sanctum at Wewelsburg Castle is Saturn. Through this motif the SS can be identified with a Saturnian cult. This symbol has been adopted by sundry present day neo-Nazis, but this does not prove that these neo-Nazis have any superior insight into the symbol than what they might have read in ‘pop histories’ on ‘occult Nazism’. Certainly there seems no reason for believing that such grouplets are anything but a marginalized fringe without any influence, let alone as arms of a Saturnian-Nazi network of power-welders.
    Floortje Rost van Tonningen-Heubel is said by Dr Vierling to have been a believer in some type of mystery connected to the SS Black Sun motif. This is equated with the doctrines of the German order Fraternitas Saturni, whose cult, as the name suggested, is centred on the planet Saturn. There seems to be a further implication that this Saturian cult has far-reaching influence within the Right through Mrs Tonningen, who maintained contact with widows of those executed after World War II for their association with the Third Reich, as was her husband in The Netherlands. For this to have any significance Dr Vierling would have to show that there is a causal link between Mrs van Tonnigen’s ‘Black Sun’ beliefs and the views of such disparate individuals as Robert Faurisson, David Irving, Otto Remer, Degrelle and the numerous others mentioned by him. The impression seems to be that all these individuals were or are devotees of a Black Sun cult on the basis that they were in communication with Mrs Tonningen.
    The Black Sun in both esoterica and SS mythos does not seem to be associated with Saturn, but has more subtle meanings for the occult. Goodrick-Clarke, having written an entire book on the Black Sun/Nazi mythos, does not associate this with Saturn.12 The mythos that Wiligut introduced to Himmler was that the Black Sun was a planet called Santur. Although the spelling is close to Saturn there is no reason to believe that the two are synonymous or associated. According to this myth, this Black Sun was a second sun that shone 230,000 years ago on the Hyporeans of the North Pole, the home of the Aryans, according to some myths, the emanations of which influenced the spiritual developed of the Hypoboreans. Santur continues to orbit Earth as an extinct and invisible star continuing to emit its power. Tracing the myth back to Theosophy, Goodrick-Clarke states that H P Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, mentioned a hidden sun in the Milky Way, representing the mass of potential energy prior to the Big Bang. She stated that the Jewish mystical Cabala refers to a ‘black light’.13 This would seem to be the Black Sun myth to which, according to Dr Vierling, Mrs van Tonningen, and according to Goodrick-Clarke, numerous present day ‘neo-Nazis’, adhere as a primeval emanation that influenced the development of the Aryans from an ancient homeland, Hyperborea.
    This Black Sun cult does not however seem to be associated with the planet Saturn or with the occult Saturnian myth of Fraternities Saturni and others. Given the ideological antithesis that exists between the Right and the occult societies, such as Theosophy, FS, and many others, most of which ultimately stem from Freemasonry, I would go so far as to contend that so far from Nazism, Fascism and the Right being part of a Saturnian apocalyptic network that involves Theosophy, Thelema, OTO, FS, Jack Parsons, et al, the two are in conflict. At a very fundamental level, Freemasonry and its emanations, including Theosophy, and New Age cults, are universalistic and therefore antithetical to the Right. To make the situation more complex, not all esoteric bodies emanating from Freemasonry are universalistic, and indeed some such as Crowley’s Thelema, are conservative.14 Crowley was critical towards the Theosophical Society for example, and scathing of its attempt to foist an Indian ‘messiah’, Krishnamurti, on the world calling on whites to unite against this travesty in imperialistic terms typical of the times.15 On the other had, Jack Parsons, a protagonist of the Saturnian apocalypse put forward by Dr Vierling and Mr Jones, was a nihilist, who broke with Crowley and the OTO, and who was disowned by Crowley.
    As for the ‘Ascended Masters’ that so many occult orders and leaders claim their mandates from, these are also perceived in vastly different ways. For Crowley, there were different ‘Schools of Magick’ with their own Ascended Masters, battling for control of the universe, ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Adepts, and a third school, ‘Yellow’, that was neutral in the conflict. Despite what might be assumed, Crowley regarded his ‘magick’ as being of the ‘White Lodge’, and regarded the Theosophists as the ‘Black’. Politically, these Ascended Masters also meant different things to different individuals. To the Rosicrucian artist and diplomat Nicholas Roerich, the Ascend Masters were pro-Bolshevik Buddhas residing in the Himalayas, and directing the Bolsheviks, Roerich seeking out the early Soviet regime in his quests.16 To Baron Ungern-Sternberg, last of the White Generals, with a redoubt in Mongolia, where he was upheld by the Mongols as a martial God, the Ascended Masters were anti-Bolsheviks, who would help him to cleanse the world of Jews, Communism and materialism, if he could reach their abode in mystical Shambala. To Alice Bailey of the Theosophy-derived Lucis network, form which much of today’s ‘New Age’ emanates’, the Ascended Masters are directing the world towards a ‘new world order’, through a period of violent transition.17
    Therefore I strongly question whether it can be deduced that ‘it is certain that the German fascist movement is well motivated to bring about the Nova of Jupiter or Saturn’, the ‘obvious assumption’ being that Saturn is preferred due to the influence of Fratrenitas Saturni, a German breakaway of the OTO, according to Dr Vierling and Mr Jones. I do not know of any reason to think that there is any connection between the Fraternitas Saturni (FS) Saturnian cult and Nazism, whether today or previously.
    FS was founded by Gregor A Gregorius (Eugene Grosche) in Germany in 1928. Gregorius accepted the ‘revelation’ of Liber Al, supposedly transmitted by a praeterhuman intelligence called ‘Aiwaz’, as the ‘bible’ of the religion of Thelema founder by the Englishman Aleister Crowley, who had assumed leadership of a German group, Ordo Templi Orientis. Under Crowley, the OTO was no longer a German order. However, FS was a separate entity. While Gregorius accepted Thelema, he did not accept Crowley’s leadership.18

    Nazism and the Occult
    With the assumption to Office of the National Socialist party, all types of secret societies were suppressed. In particular, the Nazis, and indeed fascist and rightist states throughout the world, began a campaign against Freemasonry, and similar groups. In 1937 an official proclamation banned all quasi-Masonic and Masonic societies, including the volkisch ones.19 Gregorius lived for several years in Italy, was extradited to Germany in 1943 and was detained for a year. He re-established FS in 1950.20 According to the papers published by Dr Flowers, FS is based on a ‘Saturn-Gnosis’ emanating from Saturnus, which is regarded as the Earth’s Demiurge. Saturn rules the Aquarian Age astrologically. This ‘gnosis is sometimes dark and foreboding’. Lucifer is the ‘higher octave of Saturn, which gives enlightenment, while Saturn gives the ‘dark light’ through sexual mysticism.21
    What is of particular relevance to the question of a Saturnian apocalypse is the ultimate teachings of FS which states that death is the beginning of a new incarnation for the initiate, in which they might return to Earth to continue serving Saturn. They might however also enter the realm of the Saturnus archetype. By this stage of initiation the adept has mastered life and death and can bend these to their will. An FS paper states that the ‘High Grade’ initiate ‘will always recrystallize himself, even after he loses his present form’.22 According to FS cosmology the cosmos is in a state of dynamic tension and will eventually collapse, with planets being reabsorbed into the Sun. ‘At some point Jupiter and Saturn will merge, combining the, mildness of Jupiter with the severity of Saturn’, Dr Flowers explains. Eventually all the planets of this solar system will be reabsorbed, or ‘redeemed’, ‘bringing an end to this cycle of existence’, states Flowers of the FS doctrine. According to Gregorius, the mission of ‘spiritual humanity’ is to consciously assist the ‘evolution of Earth in order to redeem her’.23
    What we can apparently establish from the Saturnian doctrines, in accord with the Vierling/Jones hypothesis is that there does exist a belief among occult initiates of an apocalyptic event, including both Jupiter and Saturn, which will ‘redeem’, with our planetary system being ‘reabsorbed’. This would imply the extinction of physical life, and the belief that life will be transformed spiritually under a Saturnian gnosis.
    While FS adopted the Thelemic dictum, ‘love is the law, love under will’, they added the Saturnian formula, ‘compassionless love’, or ‘love without pity’, that of a ‘stern testing on oneself and others’. Here Flowers quotes Crowley stating that the ultimate act of love is by flinging ‘ourselves up into the furnace of ecstasy which flames from the abyss of annihilation’.24 The adept would through this self-immolation rise to godhood.
    Although Dr Vierling knew Mrs von Tonningen, and I dam not acquainted with her ‘Black Sun’ beliefs, I would question Dr Vierling’s allusion to her having had the same beliefs as FS, as described by Flowers, or that the Black Sun cult of the SS at Wewelsburg has any relationship to the Saturnian cult. The two seem to be entirely different streams of thought.
    A leading Thelemite in Germany, Marthe Kuntzel, sought to convert Hitler, on the basis that Crowley had said that any state that adopts Thelema will master the world. Even Francis King, writing on ‘Nazi occultism’, rejects the idea that Kuntzel or Crowley had any influence on Hitler. King does however find it significant that the doctrines of both Hitler and Crowley had some things in common, and he explains this by stating that both were drawing on dark occult traditions and on the ‘darkness of the Unconscious’.25 Even this is unlikely. The influence that both drew upon was Friedrich Nietzsche. Thelema is Nietzscheanism made into a religious dogma. Nietzsche is even listed as one of the ‘saints’ (sic) of Thelema in Crowley’s ‘Catholic Gnostic Mass’. Crowley wrote to one of his acolytes that ‘Nietzsche may be regarded as one of our prophets’.26
    It has now been definitely established that Crowley did serve British interests in the USA during World War I, and worked with British Intelligence during World War II.27 With the looming advent of Hitler to Office, Crowley quickly left Berlin.28 Karl Germer, the OTO head in Germany, was arrested by the Gestapo in 1935 for disseminating the teachings of ‘High grade Freemason Crowley’,29 and ended up in the USA. In May 1939 Crowley wrote to Kuntzel stating that Germans were well below Jews, and stood on the same level vis-à-vis monkeys to men, although he did not wish to insult monkeys. He ended: ‘the Hun will be wiped out’. 30 Crowley had with German propagandists in the USA during World War I for British Intelligence,31 and was keen to offer his services against Hitler. He had also worked for Britain’s Special Branch in Berlin reporting on Communists. He worked on British propaganda during World War II, and was responsible the famous ‘V’ for Victory sign, a satanic symbol waved about merrily by Churchill et al.32
    The Axis and other Rightist regimes throughout the world (e.g. Vichy France), many informed by the traditional battle between Freemasonry and Catholicism, were engaged in a life-and-death struggle against Masonry and its derivatives. Although Crowley was a conservative, and Thelema is antagonistic to the liberalistic doctrines of most forms of Masonry, Crowley’s own response to Nazism was both that of a ‘messiah’ whose Word had been rebuffed by Hitler when given the chance to accept it by Kuntzel, and ultimately as a fairly typical middle class jingoist who had worked for Britain during World War I and was eager to do so again during World War II.
    As for Hitler, while much has been written on his supposed ‘occultism’, he ridiculed ‘superstition’ but recognised the role it played on the psyche, and rejected the efficacy of prophecies and of astrology.33 The National Socialist party, so far from being neo-pagan, as is often contended, while reviving many old Germanic customs and festivals, from the start had a wide Christian base, particularly of Lutherans, and many Lutheran pastors were officers of the SA and held early party meetings in their parsonages. Hitler became disillusioned with the failure of the Christian denominations to unite as a German national church, however he also remained dismissive of attempts at reviving paganism.34
    Whatever might be alleged or repudiated regarding the murderous and even genocidal character of the Third Reich, Hitler’s outlook was not apocalyptic. While armaments minister Albert Speer was after the war at pains to distance himself from his ex-Fuhrer, he noted that Hitler never encouraged a nuclear programme. Hitler had no intention of setting off a course of events that might engulf the world. His scientists were not able to answer the question as to whether nuclear fission could be controlled or would set up a chain reaction. ‘Hitler was plainly not delighted with the possibility that the earth under his rule might be transformed into a glowing star. Occasionally, however, he joked that the scientists in their unworldly urge to lay bare all the secrets under heaven might some day set the globe on fire’.35
    Speer, further, cited Hitler’s views regarding Himmler’s SS mythology:

    What nonsense! Here we have at last reached an age that has left all mysticism behind it, and now he wants to start that all over again. We might just as well have stayed with the church. At least it had tradition. To think that I may some day be turned into an SS saint! Can you imagine it? I would turn over in my grave.36

    Jack Parsons, Antichrist
    I think it is more precise to say that Jack Parsons, a Thelemite, was founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, rather than the OTO per se. One would have to establish a causal relationship with the OTO leadership beyond Parsons. However, that is not to repudiate the importance of Parsons’ connections and possible motivations. He broke with Crowley and pronounced his own revelation of Babalon via the use of Enochian magick. The German associations that are mentioned by Dr Vierling are insufficient to suggest a ‘Nazi’ link or an association with the SS Wewelsburg Black Sun cult. The OTO was founded by Theodor Reuss, a German intelligence operative, prior to World War I, but ceased to be a ‘German’ organisation with the assumption to leadership of Crowley.
    Alluding to the prominence of Werner von Braun, and other German scientists sent to the USA by Operation Paperclip, is insufficient to establish a Nazi connection with any conspiratorial apparatus, which has become part of ‘pop history’. There is no reason to believe that von Braun wished to or would have been enabled to advance any ‘Nazi’ agenda. He was used by the USA, as were other German scientists who were employed by the USSR. Perhaps these scientists were inspired to work for the USA during the Cold War due to animosity towards the USSR, while Germans working with the USSR might have preferred Stalinism to American liberalism? National Socialism itself had however been crushed in a total war and there seems little reason to believe that any power elite in the USA was in cahoots with Germans to revive Nazism, which had fought such power elites including Masonry and plutocracy. There is no reason to believe there was any ideological kinship between von Braun and Parsons, the latter interpreting Thelema in a nihilistic manner which Crowley himself did not endorse.
    It is also unconvincing to make allusions between the Enochian alphabet and the Germanic runes. Calling the former ‘rune like letters’ conveys the impression that there is a link, but there is not, and it would be unlikely that John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I’s astrologer, spy and formulator (or transmitter?) of Enochian, would have had any knowledge of the Germanic runes, the runic revival not occurring until the late 19th century, in tandem with a general occult revival.
    What is significant however is that Thelema is a stellar religion that would have attracted both scientists with a romantic inclination such as Parsons, and science fiction writers, whose writings have put such ideas into the mainstream of popular culture. Dr Vierling has named some of these writers.
    Crowley claims to have received his ‘revelation’ astrally, from a praeterhuman intelligence representing the gods of a certain equinox. Crowley gave his religion an Egyptian façade, using Egyptian god names, because that was the system that he worked in his occult apprenticeship in the Order of the Golden Dawn, a British order that was primarily responsible for the ‘occult revival’ from the late 19th century. Hence there are three ‘aeons’ or ages in Thelema based on three Egyptian gods: Isis (goddess worship), Osiris (dying and resurrected god – including Christianity), and Horus, the hawk-headed god of ‘force and fire’ that would preside over the current Aeon. Nuit, the sky goddess, represents space. In his introduction to Liber Al, the Thelemic bible, Crowley explains the stellar focus of his religion: He opens by stating that Liber Al ‘explains the universe’. The Thelemic dictum, ‘every man and every women is a star’, placed humanity in a stellar context, with each ‘star’ having their own ‘orbit’ through which they express their own ‘will’ (Greek = Thelema).37 However, Crowley wondered whether this also meant that there is ‘some real connection between a given persona and a given star’. 38

    Thelemic ‘War Machine’
    The Aeon of Horus was to be ushered by cataclysmic events. As a sign of the times Crowley referred to ‘war, the atrocities which occur on a daily basis and leave us unmoved and hardly worried’.39
    Book III of Liber Al, that relating to the Aeon of Horus, is a martial doctrine, referring to Horus as ‘a god of war and of vengeance’, stating he would deal hardly with his enemies.40 A ‘war machine’ is next referred to that would be given to Thelemites, ‘stating of this ‘war machine’: ‘with it ye shall smite the peoples; and none shall stand before you’.41 Further: ‘Mercy let be off: damn them to pity! Kill and torture, spare not; be upon them!’’42
    Such apocalyptic visions of creating a ‘war machine’ for Thelema would be motivation for Parsons and other such scientists. Crowley refers to another aeon after that of Horus, and the emergence of ‘another prophet’ to assume Crowley’s ‘throne’. He refers to this new prophet who would ‘bring fresh fever from the skies’. 43
    There were several claimants as the prophets of the next Aeon, while the current Aeon and Crowley were still around. Parsons was one of these and his Aeon was that of Babalon. Crowley did not like the idea of a prophet emerging while he still lived, however, and Parons broke with Crowley, while Crowley considered Parsons dangerously foolish, perhaps fearful that Parsons would actually carry out the fanciful predictions of ‘fresh fever from the skies’.
    Both Crowley and Parsons based their magickal workings on Enochian, a system of astral communication with so-called ‘angels’, devised by Dr John Dee and his roguish assistant Edward Kelley, starting in 1581, using a system of ‘Calls’, inscribed tablets and the Enochian Alphabet and language.
    The eighteen ‘Enochian Calls’ are full of fiery imagery. The ‘Tenth Call’ refers to the earth ‘burning day and night, and vomit out the heads of scorpions, and live sulphur mingled with poison’.44
    In a magickal ritual performed in the Tunisian desert on 7 November 1923, Crowley ‘ quizzed a discarnate intelligence about what The Book of the Law’s third chapter meant by a “war engine”, described as a gift of Ra Hoor Khuit, the sun in its martial aspect’.45 The operation brought a vision, Crowley wrote in a note, ‘not incongruous with my idea of the new Energy’. Crowley recommended the notes sent to Norman Mudd46 for interpretation. ‘The notes show drawings, images, and algebraic concepts suggestive of nuclear fission. Extraordinarily striking for a North African vision in 1923, the notes, with hindsight, suggest the “war engine” was nothing less than an atomic bomb.’47
    In 1945 Crowley wrote to the novelist Louis Umfraville Wilkinson, a follower, that ‘The Atomic Bomb is interesting, not only because of Liber Al, chapter III, verses 7 and 8, but because one of the men who were working on it was for some time at the Abbey in Cefalu’.48
    It is notable that a Thelemite was working on the Atomic Bomb. Also of interest is Theodore von Karman, director of the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology (GALCIT), who in 1936 with Frank Malina, a communist sympathiser, and Jack Parsons, foundered the Aerojet rocket motor company. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) emerged from GALCIT in 1944. Karman was a descendant of the famous Hasidic (Cabalistic) rabbi Yehuda Loeb ben Bezalel, the 16th century ‘Exalted’ Rabbi of Prague, astronomer, and according to Jewish legend, creator of the ‘Golem of Prague’.49 He was also great grandson of Moses ben Menachem Mendel Kuntitz, a scholar of the Zohar, the main body of Jewish Cabalistic mysticism. 50 Parsons, Malina and several others became known as the ‘Suicide Squad’ for their dangerous use of explosives, and were moved away from the CALTECH campus.
    This was the Thelemic milieu, which, it seems reasonable to conclude, inspired Jack Parons in his rocketry experiments. When in 1946 Parsons undertook his Babalon Working with the future founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, Crowley received the news with what he called becoming ‘fairly frantic’ contemplating ‘the idiocy of these goats’.51 When Parsons took up with Marjorie Cameron, his ‘Scarlet Women’, intending to evoke Babalon to worldly manifestation, Crowley ‘wrote Parsons off as yet another failure’, according to Kenneth Grant,52 and Parsons resigned from the OTO in August 1946.
    That year he reached the self-exalted status of Belarion Antichrist, with a new revelation, and what he claimed was the fourth chapter of Crowley’s Liber Al, Liber 49, ushering the Age of Babalon.
    Like the ‘Enochian Calls’, Liber 49 is reminiscent of the Apocalypse of St John in the New Testament.53 The difference is that St John’s Revelation announces the return of Christ after an Apocalypse, whereas Parsons, et al believe that a similar apocalypse will bring forth a New Age of the Antichrist and Babalon. Parsons presented himself as the Antichrist who would bring forth this apocalypse and new aeon.
    Donald Tyson writes of the Enochian workings of Dee and Kelley that Dee believed the ‘angels’ were servants of God, whereas Kelley thought they might be deceivers.54 Tyson states that these ‘angels’ by fooling Dee used him to introduce a ritual working that would usher the apocalypse.55 The working is aimed at opening the gates of the Watchtowers that guard against the intrusion of satanic powers into this universe. Tyson states that Dee’s blindness as to the true function of the ‘Enochian Keys’ is odd, given that hints abound as to their apocalyptic nature, warning of a coming wrath and ascent of the Antichrist.56 Tyson states that Aleister Crowley did not succeed in completing the entire apocalyptic Enochian Working,57 despite his exuberance for the subject and his claim to be the Antichrist.
    Parsons took on that mantle, broke with Crowley and attempted to bring forth the apocalypse by more direct means. Parsons is said to have recited Crowley’s poem Hymn to Pan and danced at the launching of rockets by JPL.58 It seems that he regarded each rocket launching as a ritual working.

    Parsons and Israel
    Parsons drew the attention of the FBI. He was noted as a bohemian living with various other suspect characters, of indulging in orgies and black magic rites, at his mansion, and finally for having lifted classified and secret documents pertaining to rocket research.
    In September 1950 Parsons was identified as having removed restricted, confidential and classified documents on jet propulsion motors and rocket propellants from Hughes Aircraft Company, California. Parsons had worked there since 1949 as ‘group leader’ in charge of propellants, propulsion and launching systems. In a statement to the FBI dated 27 September 1950 Parsons declared that he had taken the classified material for the purpose of preparing proposals for work in Israel.
    The FBI files state that Parsons had read in technical magazines about research in Israel, and that in September or October 1949 he made contact with an Israeli agent who requested him to prepare a proposal ‘regarding the building of an explosives plant in Israel and data concerning rockets and other armaments which Parsons would be able to conduct research work on in Israel’. In August 1950 he was asked to submit costs on ‘a jet propulsion development program on which Parsons could do research work in Israel’.59 The initial contact with what Parsons said to the FBI was a ‘business consultant’ and whom the FBI identified as ‘a representative of the Israeli Government’, living in North Hollywood, came through the American Technion Society.60
    The FBI report states that the Technion Society was designated officially by both the Israeli Government and by Israeli industry as the ‘American body’ through which the latest in US technology was conveyed to Israel. What is stated later in the FBI documents is that the Technion Society was another name for the ‘American Society for the Advancement of the Hebrew Institute of Technology in Haifa, Palestine, Inc.’ (Los Angels File, a-27-49). The file states that ‘this organization publishes the Technion Yearbook and the society is also known as the “American Technion Society”’. A statement dated 2 December 1950 in the FBI files mentions that Professor Karman had recommended Parsons contact what seems to be (the words are blacked out) the American Technion Society. It seems Karman, Parsons’ old Hungarian-Jewish mentor and one of the most distinguished names in rocket science, had facilitated Parsons’ communication with Israel for the purposes of espionage.61
    Parsons had his security clearance suspended in 1948 because of his involvement with a ‘cult’ and his association with an ‘alleged Communist Party member’. This suspension was removed the following year. Parsons had been a reader of the Daily People’s World, organ of the West Coast division of the Communist Party USA, and was a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, which was regarded at the time as a communist front. During 1938 and 1939 Parsons had belonged to a Communist Party front group that included prominent scientists and Hollywood luminaries, the details of which are vague, which Parsons later tried to downplay, as noted by the FBI.62
    US Assistant Attorney General McEachen declined to prosecute through lack of evidence that taking classifieds documents for use by Israel was ‘injurious to the USA or to the advantage of another nation’,63 but Parsons’ security clearance was again revoked on 9 January 1952.


    Parsons as the self-declared Antichrist who would usher the Apocalypse was in a unique position to do so as one of the founders of US rocketry. It is significant that he intended to settle in Israel and sought to persuade the Israelis that he could establish a missile programme. It seems credible that Parsons in his role as Antichrist envisaged his settling in Israel as the centre of where the Apocalypse is supposed to unfold from the battle of Armageddon. It also seems likely that Parsons saw in the fiery Apocalypse described by St John in The Revelation, the vision of nuclear devastation. One of the world’s most eminent experts in rocket chemistry, someone with such a mission as Parsons was uniquely placed to complete the Enochian Working with the benefits of modern apocalyptic science that he had helped in large measure to create.
    Parsons’ hopes of going to Israel did not eventuate. It is debated as to whether the enormous explosion that killed Parsons when he was handling chemicals on his property, in the process of moving to Mexico, was an accident or suicide. Is it not more likely to have been a self-immolation rite to Babalon, a final fiery embrace that was intended as a sacrifice to usher the Atomic Age, even if Parsons would oversee it on an astral rather than an earthly plane?

    1. The SS Wewelsburg Black Sun cult and the Saturnian cult are not the same.
    2. Occult influences on the Third Reich were marginal, generally suppressed and have been exaggerated by pop history.
    3. The Axis and the movements of the Right were in conflict with the doctrines of the major occult Orders deriving from Freemasonry.
    4. The Third Reich did not have any apocalyptic vision.
    5. Certain occult doctrines assert that the Antichrist, rather than Christ, will triumph after ushering an apocalypse.
    6. Jack Parsons envisioned setting himself up as the Antichrist with his wife, Marjorie Cameron as Babalon (Whore of Babylon) in Israel, providing the Israelis with weapons of mass destruction with which to instigate a worldwide conflagration.
    7. While there are associations with Zionism and Israel for such a scenario, the presence of abducted German scientists in the US rocket programme after World War II does not indicate a ‘nazi’ input into the doctrines of those who desire a ‘new world order’.


    Kerry Bolton has degrees in theology, and certifications in social work studies and psychology. He is widely published by scholarly and wider media. Books include: Revolution from Above, Artists of the Right, The Parihaka Cult, Stalin: The Enduring Legacy, The Banking Swindle, The Psychotic Left; major introductions to Imperium by Yockey, Belloc’s Europe and the Faith, and Oscar Wilde’s Soul of Man Under Socialism. Upcoming books: The Fight for Asia in the New World Order, and a yet-to-be-titled book on the occult and politics.


  2. Richard LLewellyn Jones says:

    Mr. Kerry Bolton is in error regarding the Nazis. He has most likely read the ‘academic’history version headed by ‘Nicholas Goodrich-Clarke’, who is not an occultist. One should read the original documents and the history written by modern occultists, which is much more illuminating.
    Since the head of an occult order expects to become immortalised as an ‘ascendend master’there is a great deal of competition for leadership. This struggle usually takes the form of a disagreement in doctrine followed by a schism in the organisation and the formation of a new organisation that differs very little from the parent organisation. The actual head of the organisation is not the human leader but rather the ‘ascended master’ that they channel. The point that is difficult to grasp is that the numerous ‘ascended masters’are actually just one entity.

    Himmler, Hess and Hitler were all involved in the occult. Hitler gives the game away in ‘Mein Kampf’ where he mentiones magic and witchcraft. Himmler and the Black Sun are solidified in the casttle of Wewelsburg. Hess parachuted to a known occultists estate and was moved close to Luton and the Duke of Bedford at Woburn Abbey who was both an occultist and a fascist!

    Adolf Hitler committed suicide and waw then cremated just as in the Solar Temple suicides on Walpurgisnacht 1945. A ritual suicide/sacrifice date for occultists, not an accidental date. This was the action of a hard line occultist and beleiver in Arisophy (German Theosophy).

    Bolton writes that ‘the Fraternitas Saturni was banned by the Nazis, as were the Theosophists and all other such occult organisations. They fought all this Masonry. There seems to be an assumption that the Black sun of the SS was the same system as FS.’

    Well, The Black Sun of the Fraternitas Saturni is Saturn. When you look at the occult atributes of Saturn as mentioned in ‘Fire & Ice’by Dr. Stephen Eldrich Flowers, this becomes very apparent.

    Himmler and Hess were the main occultists and Himmler formed an occult branch of the SS called the ‘Ahnenerbe’ see

    So the Nazis were in competition with the Fraternitas Saturni, who lost and Freemasonry which were ruthless put out of action. The OTO was a German, British, American occult orgtanisation. The FS split from OTO which was led by Aleister Crowley in 1925. Jack Parsons was head of the OTO in the USA for a while. See for the excessively complex details which validate my claim about leadership contests:

    Bolton writes: ‘OTO was taken over by Crowley and ceased to be a German association. It was banned in Germany and Crowley was involved in occult activities with MI5 against the Nazis, as he has helped British Intel in the USA during WWI, spying on the Germans. Enoch magic is a type of magic that uses tables of Rune like letters.’

    Well, The relationship between FS, OTO and Jack Pearsons is not in dispute. The OTO, FS are pseudo-masonic organisations. They have the same core beliefs, hierarchical organisation and some very similar rituals. This is not surprising as most of the members of the OTO organisations were also formerely freemasons. Teh MI5 story is disputed and not certain.

    Bolton writes: ‘there is no relation with runes, it was invented by Dee, possibly as a code as he worked as a spy for England’.

    Well, the similarity between Dee’sgluphs and runes is very apparent. (AV: Itlooks like Chinese characters written with brush and then with pencil). Dee’s Enochian magic is very extensive and elaborate and has no relation to cyphers.

    Bolton writes: ‘Stargate uses Enochian type Runes, not runes’

    Well, Enochian runes used by Dr. Dee are very similar to the ones used in Stargate. The Golden Dawn uses Roman Letters in their Enochian Magic and so the precise form of the letters/runes is not really important to magicians (but to historians of magic who dont grasp the concepts). Dee’s runes or glyphs were channeled to Edward Kelly by the ‘Angels’.

    The SS German runes were based on Armanen Runes which were channeled to Guido von List from his ‘ascended master’or ‘German ancestors’; The similarities are obvious as is the understanding that the precise shape is not important in magic. List’s runes were modified by the SS to form their own brand and the difference was needed as they had to be German. (AV: pictures of all these kind of runes are at my isposal).

    Bolton critizises that ‘The Babalon Working is not Enochian magic’.

    Enochian magic is about opening the gates in the ‘watchtowers’ to admit demonic archetypes into our world and bring about the Apocalypse. Teh gates are described by Enoch in the Book of Enoch and in reality are like Stonehenge: When a star or Constallation passes through a gate it specifies a date when that star has influence in their belief system, hence ‘Stargate’.

    The Babalon’archetype was a spirit and this Ritual was most definitivelyEnochian as it was designed to release ‘The Whore of Babylon’upon the world to bring about the apocalypse. The spirit was invoked into Marjorie Cameron through sex magic, which is also part of Enochian magic as proven by Dr Dee’wife swapping episodes.

    To understand the occult it is best to dip into a book written by occultists like ‘The Book of Lies’ by ‘The Disinformation Company’. Note that the double negative is intended as most of the info is correct in this book (ISBN 09713942-k); read also:

    p 190 The Enochian Apocalypse by Donald Tyson
    p 198 The Crying of Liber 49 by Richard Metzger (about Jack Pearsons)
    p 226 Magical Blitzkrieg by Tracy Twyman (Hitler & Occult)

    Bolton utters ‘doubts about the ‘Lucifer ‘publication.
    The Lucis trust is the publication arm of the Theosophical Society (Their original magazine was called ‘Lucifer’).’

    Well, The Lucis Trust is an influential publisher of books on Theosophical doctrine found by a second generation Theosophist Alice Bailey in 1920. The theosophical society under Madam Blavatsky (1831-1891) published the ‘Lucifer’magazine in 1888, they have an identifying symbol. Notice the Swastika and the OTO symbol reduced to just O.T. This is only obvious to someone with experience in magical symbolism.

    So, very occult organisation frequently fragments and renames itself. This is to confure the un-initiated. Alice Baily was a powerful next generation (after Blavatsky) esoteric Theosophist (joined 1917 Level) that formed the Lucifer Publishing Company in 1920, which then was changed to the Lucis Publishing Company in 1925, managed by the Lucis Trust. Its is listed as a UN NGO.

    In Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs each town had its own triads of gods, reprenting Osiris, Ishtar and Horus. So ,although using different triune godheads names, it was all the same religion in magical theory and only the original names do matter.

    Bolton questions the membership of Arthur C Clarke of the Theosophical Society.

    Well, Arthur C. Clarke attende dthe world’s first Sci-Fi convention held in Leeds at the Theosophicla Hall. (AV; Pictures for evidence at hand) This hasd a strange echo wich jack Parsons and his collection of Sci-Fi writers at the ‘Parsonage’. Non e of these Sci-Fi writers ever mentioned their links to Jack Parsons. see:

    It is obvious that the Theosophical Society used Sci-Fi to promote their ideas. The 2001 A space Odyssey book/film and ‘Childhood’s End’are simply Theosophicla/Luciferien/Satanist doctrine in fiction, most likely a covert action.

    A.C. Clarke was a Tehosphist in mind and soul, whether he paid for membership or not. cf ‘Rama II’by Arthur C. Clarke.

    Bolton cast doubts about JPL being controlled by people with his nihilistic belief system.

    Well, Parsons practised his version of Thelema the newly named religion invented by Aleister Crowley which was dictated to Crowley in standard enochian style by an ascended master called ‘Aiwass’. This was Crowley’s personal version of standard OTO Sex Magic (considered Thelemc), Freemasonry (LUciferian, Satanic) doctrine. The ‘Babalon Call’which Parsons named Liber 49’was the final 49th call to initiate the Apocalypse (49=7x7x7 is the most important Theosophical number and obsession with magic squares).
    It is futile to consider each occult society’s doctrine as diffretn. The Wikipedia article is garbage/puppet theatre for the mundane people regarding the Babalon Working. The Jack Parsons’Liber 49 as Belarion 8 round = three square)received by John Whiteside reveales that the Babalon name together with the Astarte reference indicates Inanna, defined in paragraph 77. The paragraphs 59 and 60 mean setting the archetype free on the Earth and that is the correct TIME (Star in Gate). This is a channeled ritual which is Enochian in nature, thr so-called ‘Enochian Call’. Crowley was furious with Parsons for being so reckless and irresponsable in performing this ceremony.

    read: and click on The forthy-eight calls
    (note the similarity with Parsons’s Liber 49 ceremony)

    read: Fire and Ice: Magical Teachings of Germany’s Greatest Secret Occult Order, Llewellyn Publications, 1990, S.Eldred Flowers.

    AV: THe ceremony appears to have worked– notice the replacement of love by sex in our society and the corresponding dedication to apocalyptic warfare!! cf: ‘Sexe et Dévoiement’ par Guillaume Faye Ed. de Lore 2011.

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  5. […] Dangerous Boys’Toys: Is Evaporation of the Globe imminent or is it a pathological Myth? […]

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