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The New Jewish Question by Guillaume Faye

The New Jewish Question by Guillaume Faye,

Conclusion and Summary of Theses of
‘The new Jewish Question’ by Guillaume Faye in unauthorized translation from French into English

The Jewish question has continually been raised always during the European and then Western history ever since antiquity. The question was raised in very different ways but always with intensity because of the extraordinary particularity of this people, that was always, in spite of its numerical weakness, intensely a creator of history -and of stories- in the popular sense of the word, being the incorporation of an astonishing intellectual uneasiness . The Jews are an electric people in perpetual state of agitation.

The Jewish schizophrenia
The Jewish people are placed under the permanent state of contradiction- much more intense than merely contrast characterizing other people to be mentioned. In the first place at the level of its definition: Ethnic entity, nation, race, religious community? Jews themselves are embarrassed by having to answer to these questions: ‘Who are we?’; they prefer by answering the inverse: ‘”Look rather to what we are not”Who does belong to us?’ Bernard Henry Levy and Serge Klarsfeld – to give just two examples out of a thousand other names – are not Jewish for many Israelis, because they lack matrilinear decendence. They themselves, however, call themselves Jewish et and how.. On the other hand, the Jewish community confronts itself today with this edging pressing problem, that is giving rebirth to a 19th century’s question: Israelite Frenchmen or Jews of France? Jew or French in the first place, and after which sentimental proportion ? Not an easy answer and in addition the support out of solidarity and the patriotic feelings for Israel.: Where is situated the veritable affective and charnel fatherland situated, here or in Israel? Plus or minus in both? The same question presents itself to the immigrants of Arabo-Islamic and third world origin but in radically different terms. Whatever it may be, it seems that the sentiment of belonging to a Judeaic or Israelian entity is much stronger among the middle and lower classes ( the majority being Sepharades) than among the upper class of Jewish origin and that this situation becomes more and more outspoken these days.

The feeling of being victim and proud. The desire of being a martyr is coupled with the need to dominate and to feel safe. In line with the sacrifice of Abraham , in the consciousness of the Jewish soul , the persecutions undergone during its history, of which the Shoah constitutes the metaphysical crowning, render the Jewish people sacrificial and divine, an exemplary emblem of suffering man. This syndrome is very ancient for the Christ is nothing else on the individual level, but the reprisal of the martyrological position of the people ofIsrael: A sacrificial emblem to save al humanity. From here originate a number of contradictory features: searching for peace and security but complaining in the idea of being hated by jealousy and being persecuted ; aspiring domination and proud recognition of an intrinsic superiority but on the other hand adopting an image of a small incessantly threatened people.
Universalism and ethnicism.

The Jewish soul is at the same time ethnocentric and presenting its ethic as an universal example for humanity. A beleaguered will to protect and preserve the Jewish oecomene, its being exclusively among themselves and the propagation of a cosmopolitain ideology, visible in the parable ofBabel, ambivalence in perfection.This corresponds also to the double attractiveness of the international diaspora and the Zionist idea of going back to a homeland, a sacrificial and inalienable motherland; and even within Zionism to the opposition between a purely Jewish vision by Eretz Israel and a laical and open concept of the Jewish State.The speaking with a forked tongue is the consequence of it all. Ideology as meant for the Goyim defends principles inverted to the ones destined for the jewish community: Ethno-cultural identity and endogamy for the last-mentioned, cosmopolitism and racial melting) for the first-mentioned.; tradionalism of family values, discipline, bloodlines, birth-promoting (natalistic )policies for the second and libertarian individualist de-rooting for the first. At the basis of this contradiction you’ ll find the idea that non-Jewish states are threatening and constitute obstacles ever since their ethnic homogeneity is too outspoken.

Religion at the centre but weak religiosity. Judaeism is a religion in the strict etymological sense: It binds (re-ligere) people in a enthnocentric way. But the relations it established with its God are of political and contractual nature, keeping distance and without mysticism of esoteric beliefs. Agnosticism coexists with ritualism, the rabbinic and Talmudic theology refuses any emotional way out, because the calculating spirit and the analytic way of research of Judeaism is exempt of ‘romanticism’. Judeaism refuses the sacrosanct (in the Hinduistic or Catholic sense) as well as superstition (in this it differs from Islam).

All these contradictions are understandable because of a permanent tension between an exacerbated particularism and a universalist sentiment, between a ghetto spirit and a conquering spirit. Another ambivalence: The Jewish people has profoundly rooted itself during its history in its particularism of its Semitic origins and on the other hand inserted itself into the adventurous making of the European civilisation of- daring to utter the taboo of today-the white race.

These contradictions won’t necessarily constitute prohibitive factors , on the contrary rather, give birth to feverish and unique energyto its little-numbered people. The Jews have been able to influence the West by the power of their mythological genie and also by their intelligence, much more neocortican than limbic.

They turned out to be a small minority able to play a role proportionally far beyond proportional to their their numbers. A role quite ambiguous and hypocritical , of instigating and stimulating negatively for some, positively for others, like blowing the ongoing fire or spices in the meal.In spite of these permanent features of the Jewish soul. The Jewish question kept changing the way it has been formulated. The re-installation of a part of the Jewish people within a state has ad fundum changed the nature of the question but now it is set upside-down once again by the following factors:

The decline of Jewish influence in the world

The global influence of the small people on world affairs, reaching its summit from the end of the 19th century to the last third of the 20th century, has entered into a structural decline.

The 1st cause is the emergence of great powers outside the west and a progressive re-centering of the world around zones and peoples whose collective memory don’t include the ‘Jewish fact’ and for whom Jews are not a special people and so it generates just indifference. The Jews are so confronted in the 21st century not only with the rising power of a hostile worldwide Islam but also with the fact that they will be considered as a negligible quantity by great powers of the future. In this no longer occidentally centered world it must deal with the painful idea that it no longer represents a symbol or centre and that it is progressively gliding down into the position of a people like any other, a entirely new fact of life for them.The second cause is related to the fading away of the Jewish lobbies in theUSA, constituting the pivotal centre of the Jewish world power, because of two reasons:

The echoing failure of the American policies in the middle-east ( especially the neocon strategy), largely inspired by the Jewish pro- Israel lobby, but also because of the modification of the demographic constellation of the American population and elites at the profit to the benefit of increasing numbers of Latino’s and Asians, on which the Jewish institutions exert hardly any influence. The 3rd cause, much less raised but very real, relates to the considerable loss of financial influence and economic power of the Jewish elites in the entire Euro-Russian zone and the whole world, seen the rapid and irrepressible emergence of Asian decision-making and financial centres. In comparison with the seventies, the financial capacity of Jews in the world has been divided by 10 . In Francealone compared with the sixties the decline of Jewish presence in the bank, bourse stock market and industrial sectors is impressive. No certain Drumont could no longer any more write down that : ‘ Jews dominate the stock market, the bank and the industry’, or he would tell a statistical lie. May-be less outspoken as yet, but the Jewish decline has begun in the USAas well. One could riposte that the Jewish influence still has got still quite nice remnants: important presence in French political and media circles-even in the Ukraine. But that is not new and stagnant and does not preclude anti-Zionism from flourishing in all media nor from the ever increasing weight and aggressiveness of muslim associations and networks or other immigrants hostile to Jews. The principal Jewish lobbies in France have been forced to reduce their impact during the nineties and the media of the community cannot develop significantly due to a financial crisis . Many,. Jews and non-Jews alike , each for different reasons don’t like to see this new realities.

The Hebrew State seriously threatened
The State of Israel which is has since the foundation and realisation of Zionism at the centre the existence, the will to exist and the profound motivations of the Jewish people knows a both moral and strategic weakening without precedent ever since its official creation after World War II (on the bases of solid implantations existing since the 19th century). The hypothesis that it will dissolve and collapse during the 21st century cannot be dismissed. See hereunder some different but converging reasons:
First reason, its ever growing diplomatic isolation and a loss of legitimity in its conflict with the ‘Palestinians’ and other muslims.Israel is only supported by the USA who arte loosing ever more rapidly its credit in the word due to its catastrophic adventure in Irak. The two ‘Intifada’s’, the raising of a civil war without peaceful solution (no peace process is ever more feasible anymore) , the continuation of settlements on the West-Bank, the reinforcement of the bunkerisation of the Hebrew State ( the protective ), the worldwide compassion for the Palestinians, the catastrophic and failed intervention in Libanon in the summer of 2006 against the Hesbollah terrorist militia, tele-commanded by Iran, lower efficiency and motivation of Tsahal and the political class (loss of pioneering spirit) all these factors indicate that Israel for the first time in its history , has never been so much appeared as an aggressor – what I don’t think it is- and that in 2006 it has suffered in 2006 its first military defeat, be it limited.

Second reason interlinked : Never before has the Arabo-Islamic world, more and more liable to conquering dynamics of djihad and islamic fanatism so much hated for Israel and the Jews for that matter

the Jews, pulverising the fragile moral barrier that would protect the people (being untouchable) being victim of the sacrificial genocide of the Shoah.

Third reason : The Hebrew State has to cope with a great regional (Persian, non-Arabic) power, Iran, led by a Shiite militaristic tyrannic obscurantistic and fanatic caste, striving for leadership of the world Islamic movement in competition with Arabia, intent on providing itself with nuclear weapons and , according to the State doctrine stipulated by its calculating president Ahmadinejad, on destroying physically Israel. Never before has the State of Israel has been confronted with such a menace.

Iran is, by the way, much more dangerous than the Arab neighbours during the wars of 1967 and 1973 or for the matter the Palestinian terrorists. Add to it the threat by Al Qaida dreaming of -and for sure preparing- a new 11 September 11th, even bloodier against Israelian territory.

Fourth reason: Whereas the stream of Jews out of the diaspora to Israel evaporates, the birth rate of Jewish Israeli’s is weak compared with the one of their Arab Islamic citizens, of the Palestinians and of course the Arab masses surrounding the Israelian bunker. Well one can learn from the Balkans, that the demographic balance beyond a certain level may well become fatal to a non prolific people, even if the last mentioned is culturally and technically superior to the populations animated by reproductive forces . What is more, what those who want to wipe Israel from the map are hoping for , is that terror, the permanent state of war and threatening atmosphere would push the Jewish Iisraelian population out, mollified as they are by western life-style , ready to leave and emigrate in a kind of reversed alya.

Fifth reason, interlinked: In its great offensive regenerated since the eighties, the djihad whose Islamic ideology is shared by incalculable muslim masses whose ferocious will and enthusiasm are not to be understood by European political leaders without character and paralysed by bad consciousness, has not only has the for objective the to conquest conquer of Europe – an old historical objective the realisation of which has lamentably already begun- but its imperative of first priority is the definitive destruction of the Zionist entity . The idea of the coexistence of two States has never been taken seriously by the Arabs if not temporarily for the sake of habile negotiators ( coranic duty of hypocrisy in situation of weakness). This objective of destroying Israel has always been obsessionally present – like that of the recuperation of Elzas-Lotharingen (Alsace-Lorraine) by France between 1871 and 1914. The difference with the past years of 1948-2000 is that now it becomes feasible in the middle-range of time for the reasons above-mentioned.

In short, the invincibility of the Hebrew State and its perennial status have left the domain of certainty for entering and entered the one of doubt, an essential element of the present Jewish question. Like communism, the Zionist utopia won’t endure for long in history but will turn out to be temporary. Israel is bound to enter a period of trouble and fight for survival up till now unthinkable during its short history. It can hold four stakes but these can fade away.

The first being the exceptional technological and economical capacity, the ratio of which (research budget and techno- scientific l performances/ gross internal product and population)Is the highest in the world. The American aid does not count for it all, because the one given to Egypt is equally important resulting however in comparably mince results. It is true that all peoples are not equal—sorry for this politically incorrect remark.
The second stake is the political American support and its military shield in case of..But the future is unpredictable: America may fall back into isolationism, its pro Israellobbies may decompose and utter an outcry for help in the void , its opinion can refuse a military adventure to save Israel . Is the American life-insurance reliable? Let the Jews in Israelremember South Vietnam , abandoned in the mid of the storm.

The third stake is the military power and its nuclear weapon. Two problems: Facing an organised guerrilla and fanatic terrorism (asymmetric warfare) Tsahal is far from having holding all the cards at hand and the nuclear weapon is of no avail in these circumstances. This people’s army based on reservists depend on the morale of the people… Well that sparks frequent signs of oscillation. On the other hand, would the nuclear dissuasion have any grip on fanatic adversaries except of any rational mental category , like the current Iranian Islamic leaders getting themselves hold on the nuclear weapon?

The fourth stake is the determination of the Israeli people , its patriotism. The support by the diaspora (even its finance) is not a certain value. Here to, lassitude and a bad consciousness are on the winning hand. The Zionist flame in Israel itself is flickering. Current leadership, involved in corruption scandals has does not have the clout needed or the strategic capacities of the former generation, of which Ariel Sharon was the last (latest?) representative.

Nothing is definitive in history, not even Israel . You should understand that with the disappearance of Israel it does not mean that the survival of the Jewish people will be nullified., it can accommodate itself. It would go back to its pre-Zionist state of diaspora, a people without a state, cemented by its vision on the world, its religion and ethnic identity, being by the way the desire of several tendencies within the Loubavitch integrist American-based movement, which is very much opposed to the profane incarnation of Judeaity.

In Europa as well as anywhere, the increasing power of Islamic antijudeaism.

The new Jewish question involves the birth of new forms of anti-judeaism which put all schemes valid since 1945 in Western Europe in disorder, especially in France . It entails the upheaval of several certainties and ideological cliffs.. The restart of anti-judeaism in deed and word with numerous examples of aggression and violence is the quasi-exclusive feat of the Afro-Maghreb and Islamic immigrants, a phenomenon enflamed by the Judeo-Arabic conflict in the Middle-East. The French State is , rather hypocritically, squeezed between the devil and the deep see: the official judeophilia on the one side and the islamophilia (and antiracism) on the other side. An equation not to be solved.: How can you reconcile within the French integrationist myth friends who detest each other? How to deal with the fact that it is not the horrible neurotics of the extreme-right who attack the Jews but our friends and protégées the immigrants?

In spite of the grandiloquent declarations of pro-Jewish intentions on the ceremonies reminding the Shoah by the official state apparatus and the round-up of anti-semitism- especially if it involves the extreme-right- Jews have something to be worried about.: Islamic organizations increasing in power and Moslim elites raising in number (if nothing changes) are inevitably going to pose for them hostile forces. The tranquillity and large radius of action of which the Jewish community benefited since 1945 is over.
The slow turning over of public opinion and of certain Jewish elites on the immigration problem.

We witnesses a slow but painstaking ideological turning over among the Jews. Like being noticed by several Israeli authors, the European Jews, especially in France , are bound to tackle a difficult situation facing the islamisation of Europe at geometric progressive speed. After having been in favor of immigration (especially Islamic) a part of jewish elites takes into account that this is going to head against them. An increasing fraction of the jewish opinion makers becomes anti- immigration…

The same phenomenon is noticed in the USA , because Jews are victims of ‘positive action’ and because the new coloured immigrants compete with them or are hostile to them. For the first time since 1945 the European Jews especially in France , are seeing the coming up of a spectrum if not of persecutions, at least and of best of severe exclusions. The perspective of a islamified France is for sure not favourable to them, especially in conjuncture of an inevitable aggravated Israeli-Arabic conflict. Quite a lot of eyes are on the verge of being opened. The illusion of a harmonious multi-ethnic society (which never did function anywhere throughout human history of in which the Jews would cunningly be able to play cards and take advantage, is going to evaporate among the most lucid minds.

In fact, it seems clear that if the islamization of Europe will continue as well as the massive growth of the afro-Maghreb populations who will end up taking over the handles of power, the Jews are going to suffer and to be victims of at least discrimination and exclusions, and in the worst case scenario of a recommencement of persecutions. History is, indeed, an open end and its overall essential feature is amnesia. Or rather history repeats it self without ‘memory’ of good solutions.Another point to make: The Jewish elites in France are still very present in the media and the political arena, but they are almost all of them backward in relation to the Jewish middle classes.

The Jewish intelligentia pretends to be sure of itself and to neglect the menaces but it is hypocritical. But in Europe and in the USA Jewish intellectuals ask themselves after a long period of giving in with the comfort and delicacies to the hypocricy as to the basics of the goy culture, whether this attitude is pertinent. The Jewish intelligentia, who played an important role in the USA and Francein promoting the model of a multiracial cosmopolite melting pot –for the others but certainly not for the Jewish community- and in laying weight on the immigrationist policies, is beginning to understand that this attitude is dangerous for them. This intelligentia has always spoken double tongue and has always played the mucky game of double standard. ; The values of dissolution and anti-ethnicism, of repentance and penitential garment are applicable to the Goyim but not to themselves. Behaving like that they are sewing the very branch on which they sit, opening the sheep-fold to the wolf. They realize that their enemies of the future are not the same as theirs of the past.

Perverted effects of the judicial protection of the Shoah and the uselessness of revisionism.

The penal laws and condemnations against revisionism (or Holocoust-deniers) strengthened the latter, like being predicted by the American Jewish community who opposed these . These laws constitute a legal regression of positive law back to ideological law. The contestation of the Shoah has by this fact gained the prestige of forbidden ideas and is shared by the majority of the populations in the entire Islamic world and by practically allochtonic people of the same descent living in Europe . A punished opinion , true or false, is taken for true. These anti- revisionist laws have had eventually the inversed effect of what they were aiming at: The promotion of publicity for revisionism and casting doubts about the Shoah. So, the opinion of the islamic word and by ricochet effect, of the entire world, by an overdue covering by the mass media, the Shoah and the Jewish martyr are on the verge of loosing any credibility. An obligatory truth, even a real historical fact, will cease to be a fact and end up to become a dogma.; well, each dogma is bound to be threatened by the hermeneutics of doubt. Iran took advantage of these repressive laws to build its official official doctrine of Holocaust-denial , which by the way did not annoy the hypocritical ‘international community’, not banning it from the family of nations. So, the Shoah is no longer a moral shield to protect the Jews or srael. The undeniable fact of the persecutions of Jews has been cast doubt upon by a heterotelic effect enforcing laws that were meant to impose official, revealed, truths, the denial of which was liable to punishment. Paradoxically, the repressions against the revisionists have rendered them a tremendous service and have discredited the ethical shield. And the ceremonies, admonishments , commemorations and official speeches did not change that at all. For instance, the majority of the Arabo-Muslims in France like most of their friends, including even at the extreme-left, don’t believe in the Shoah or belittle and in any case present it as a crime far less serious than the comportment of the Hebrew State against the Palestinians; and that with the amazing paradox that several protagonists of this theory are themselves admirers of the Third Reich in its role of prosecutor of the Jews! These laws against the negation or belittling of the Shoah have had their perverted effect to exempt it from its stature of historical reality altering it into the stature of a quasi-religious truth.

Well the reality about which one can discuss is always more credible than the truth beyond debate, an essentially totalitarian notion.

So far so good, but those in identary and euro-nationalist circles defending the revisionists got stuck in useless pathways, un-political dead-ends of passion No interference of politics and contemporary questions with discussions about the Second World War, ok, but this wish goes two ways: Cease making anti- revisionist laws in the name of freedom of expression, my idea, but then you should also cease supporting irrelevant theories and opinions, that don’t do but harm to the case. To mobilize yourself in defence of revisionism, even implicitly, appeared to me always as an exemplary model of political coaxing.

First, the revisionist theories are in my eyes not exempt from troublesome spots, an artistic fog. : What do they contest? Just the gas chambers as a means or the process of endeavouring the extinction itself? The deportations of the Jews to the KZ-Lager ? What did not exist ?

At which semantic level is the pretended lie situated and where lies exactly the drawing line between reality and deceit.? Can one believe that no anti-Jewish persecutions ever took place?

Answering these questions don’t relate directly to the situation we have to cope with today., but revisionists have always stated that as soon as their theories be accepted ( and so the Jews would not have been victims of any genocide), it would entail for the Europeans the declaration of ‘not guilty’ of the crime of racism, especially their culpability would collapse on the ‘anti-racist’ web, as by wonder. Well the indictment of Europeans is not founded on the Jewish question but on a much more profound ethno-masochism which I shall do my best describing in this book. And secondly, what is more, the Islam, that inflicts upon Europe a colonization of populations in masses and in front of whom the Europeans being morally disarmed, show a pathological culpability, well, this Islam develops overtly and straight-away an anti-judeaism and anti- revisionism without any psychological complex. It proofs that the fore-mentioned revisionist argument is as thinly founded as any other political dogma of today. That’s why I think that these revisionist theories, soaked in over-estimated historical and ideological importance, always were parasitic, counter-productive, un-political and don’t deserve a place in a serious political combat that is to be won.

About anti-judeaism and anti-zionism of Europeans: What road map ?

In so-called ‘extreme right’ circles one can distinguish three more and more conflicting tendencies: fanatic anti-zionists (continuation of anti-Jewish tradition), who changing fronts become islamophil and eventually accept completely the immigration of populations; those who keep being anti-Jewish (still out of tradition) but combat also immigration and islamisation; those who advocate straight away an overt alliance with the Jews and an unconditional pro-Israel in the name of the war against a common enemy. These three options have a very serious drawback in common: they define themselves in relation to others and not out of them selves. The first has to do with the fascination for what one is afraid of (Stockholm syndrome) and the low esteem for its own people. (treason of its own identity). The second and third are founded on serious analytical errors, which one can summarize as follows: the belief that taking an anti-Jewish or pro-Jewish position should determine its own political strategy and ideological positioning. My position as an incorrigible non-aligned person is breaking away from these three propositions, inspired as I am by Realpolitik and also by merely good sense.First one should do away with anti-judeaism, but that doesn’t mean to make judeophilia the ace of any policy. Jews are not the source of European decadence and thinking like that exonerates oneself, denying responsibility for a kind of masochism for that would presume an intrinsic Jewish omnipotence. They are not going to solve our problems either. Take note of the apparently paranoiac and schizophrenic features of the anti-Jewish- which constitutes an exploit: they consider the Jews as a superior race because of its superpower in spite of its numerical weakness but at the same time inferior in essence (schizophrenia); and the Jews would at the origin of a successful and diabolic (paranoia) word-wide complot to take power over all other peoples on earth. In our days, the beginning of the 21st century that tumbles down to being fixed in concepts of the past and political immaturity.
The anti-Jewish resembles much (due to a psychology of the reversal of the self) to some features of the Jewish soul.: he places the Jew as something special, at the same time humane and inhumane. He demonizes him where others divinize him.. it all tumbles down to the same.. Then, it is totally useless to fight zionism, because that is not at stake for us. We rather imitate the Jews, it is our kind we should be concerned with by priority and not others like Palestinians or muslims.; besides, these latter don’t shame away from operating among us a colonization and conquest. In what name would we opt against the Hebrew State in favour of the Arabo-Muslims? Out of love?

Fine-tuned calculations consisting of playing the anti-Zionist pro-Arabic card hoping for securing in exchange our provision in oil and so enabling us to limit the harmful effects of immigration and islamization will turn out to be an illusion. One cannot be Zionist if one is not a Jew and we don’t have the vocation to become militant anti-zionists either. What would the collapse of the Jewish State or its disappearance bring us? That would ring the bell for an even more offensive attack on Europe by the Islamic world being encouraged by the Israeli doom.

The idea that an anti-zionist militancy and anti-Israel positions would entail an amenity for us Europeans, an empathy with a smile from the Islamic side, a kind of benevolent truce reveals not only cowardice but also the stupidity and total ignorance as to the true nature of the muslim world and its psychology.

What advantages can we extract from the sharp and undignified condemnations of the Israeli criminal policy ? Solidarity with anti-Israelians is useless and stupid. The more because the regimes that defend the anti-Israelians (Syria, Iran, Jordan, Algeria etc) have their hands soaked in old blood, compared with them are Israeli’s small saints.
Lets be interested in our dramatic problems, the firs being the foreseeable mathematical disappearance of the cultural and physical identity of the European peoples (Völker) during this century, inundated by an immigration of populations hold in favour by politically blinded elites. One should part away from this catastrophic tendency to solve the problems of other people- in their place- at the detriment of the solution of our own problems. Let’s learn egoism or rather ethnocentrism.

At last, towards the Jewish question and Zionism and Israel, let us have a cold and dispassionate attitude. Jews are enemies nor unconditional friends. They form a people and religious group keeping its own political agenda and logic, its own incontestable genie , its shortcomings and qualities but who are without doubt since centuries driven into the European civilization. This goes with complex interpenetrations and crossed fluxes of influence, associative or conflict-borne, between the Jewish intellect and the cultures of the goyim. Jews keep being in double identity to belong to for centuries already. The existence of Israel has emphasized this very complicated psychological phenomenon, adding a political dimension of national incarnation (and incarceration). So exists a Jewish schizophrenia as a fundamental ethnic fact as well as a level of very complicated double identity (appartenance=belonging), not similar for each individual. One should never try to solve all equations at the same time..

Jews never posed a demographic problem. The graft of Jewish communities in Europe can be described as integration with limited assimilation,constituting an equilibrium and nothing to do with the inassimilable and massive metastases produced by the recent extra-European immigrations of o.a. islam, which not only are unable for unwilling to integrate or assimilate but will eventually destroy the ethno-national organisms of the receiving countries.

Concerning the cultural and moral malfaisance by Jews, the existence of a Jewish plot at the basis of decadence of the peoples of European origin and are considered still operating, well I have tried to show that this theory in spite of appearances and small examples is hardly sufficient because it is founded partially in the double sense of not taking into account the entire problem as well as biased. It is rather driven by passionate exaggeration than analytical observation, more based on induction (a priori unilateral statistic amplification) than deduction (a posteriori synthetic method). That is why I oppose the analyses by Pr. MacDonald, of whose work I recognize indeed the validity but whose error in analyzing the role of the Jews consists in confusing the part for the whole (among the Jews) and in neglecting or not mentioning the influence on decadence by an impressive number of goyim intellectuals and elites.

That question could be discussed if freedom of speech was still existing in France today like it was the end of the 19th century. Only in the USA and Russia one can serenely discuss the role of Jews in civilization without being immediately accused of the slightest partiality. It would be ridiculous for nationalist and identairy Europeans to convert to Zionism and to fall in line like a slave with the whatever policies of the Hebrew State, it would be less than welcome to try to ally unconditionally with the Jewish community, were it only because it is not a homogenous one and one has to take into account its particularities. But also because the majority of the Jews does not long for a visible and objective alliance.

On the other hand it would also be absurd to play the anti-zionist card or play implicitly the hostile way as one is well cunningly capable of towards the Jews. Other priority of urgencies is requested. The diatribes against the Hebrew State , the pro-Palestinian and pro-Arabic admiration and mobilization are politically useless attitudes, childish, counter-productive, hot blood, inopportune and basically demobilizing.

At the hour on which the New Jewish Question is stipulated, that destroys dialectically and historically the historical position of the Jewish people- and further all Jews, at the hour where peoples of European origin are confronted with the largest ethnic menace ever in its history, would anti-judeaism constitute either ex- or implicitly belong in the category of passed stations in history, of a dead end of ideological confrontations, of nostalgic and unworkable tradition, inspiring the fantasies of old losers, unable to sniff the future.
The hate against the Jews should not be judged on a moral base but politically, not by affection but rationally. What good is it for? None. All what matters. Is: Where is the Jewish threat ? In my assessment – I can be wrong- it is of the same scope approximately as the extra-terrestrial menace. We rather exonerate ourselves from the job dealing with the old rusted iron of anti-judeaism and think at last for yourself and defend yourself. I don’t see, indeed, which supreme authority would prevent – if circumstances require it – or forbid the identairy European forces to build a bridge of entente with the Jews or Jews, knowing that entente is a pact of merely political essence in the Florentine sense of the word.. .

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