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Alfred Vierling » in english » PUSH AND PULL FACTORS IN MIGRATIONOMICS, an article by Alfred Vierling , published in AB AETERNO, Journal of the Academy of Political and Social Research, nr 11, juli 2012

PUSH AND PULL FACTORS IN MIGRATIONOMICS, an article by Alfred Vierling , published in AB AETERNO, Journal of the Academy of Political and Social Research, nr 11, juli 2012

Push and Pull Factors in Migrationomics. An article by Alfred Vierling, published in Ab Aeterno, The Journal of Political and Social Research, issue no 11, april/may/june 2012; a geopolitical elaboration of ‘ The Immigratietaboe’ by J. Niemöller


Introductory questions.

Why are people on the move? What factors and actors attract them to settle in our homelands? At what cost, at the detriment of whom? Who benefits from massive immigration? The Russian Weekly Arguments and Facts recently published an article ‘Will we be blown by the Flow?’ with the subtitle: ‘How are the migration plans of the authorities dangerous for the people (Volk)?’ 1 All those are intriguing questions for all of us, who care about the continuation of our ethnical identities. Only 10% of the inhabitants of rich nations are in favour of massive immigration.

Push Factors

This article will not dwell upon an exhaustive list of the push and pull factors, but mention just some illustrative examples. For push factors we concentrate on sharp ethnic inequalities in demographic developments, religious proselytism and revanchism as a reaction to western colonialism. For pull factors we shall mention, empire building, enhanced legitimation of authority and the search for cheap labour force so as to quell the welfare state. For,
the welfare state, even more so in combination with multiculturalism, is attracting the lower unskilled lower class extra-European masses.

a. ethnic demographic inequalities.

The entire Caucasian European population, especially of the member-states of the European Union as well as of Russia is heading towards extinction. P.J. Buchanan wrote in The death of the West3 about our endangered species: From 2000 to 2050 will the total population of Europe, from Iceland to Russia will drop from 728 million to 600 million, because of lack of replacement fertility. More Germans will disappear by the dearth of births than in the two world wars. Caucasians will be but a mere 6 % of world population in 2050.

On the other hand, the population of islamist North Africa and subsaharian Africa as well as the Middle East countries will double. In 2050 the African continent will see a billion inhabitants, four times more than the European population. All these muslim populations show even an increase in youngsters of between 14 and 24 years as part of their population, up to half of their populations.

b. religious proselytism.

Islam is promoted by, or rather an expression of the high fertility of its tribes. It has conquered its present-day ‘Dar-el-Islam’ ( muslim territory) by a demographic strategy. Especially Suni islam is nowadays upsetting frontier areas, so-called ‘Dar-el-Harb’ countries like Lybia, Tunesia, Egypt and Syria, its salafist movements being front soldiers even active as far as in Indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world. Europe including Russia are still ‘Dar-el-Sul’ in a kind of armistice as long as they don’t have a 20% of muslim population.

c. ethnic revanchism.

President Boumédienne of Algeria once threatened expressis verbis to overrun and occupy Europe by means of the wombs of African women and President Diouf of Senegal added that if Europe was not going to share its wealth, African people would come over to get
it. It is not only an expression of jealouzy of the colonised and subdued poor masses towards the rich former colonisers. The Muslim world is still very frustrated because its civilization did not keep up with ours and has a vivid memory of better times, being invaders and establishers of the Andalusian and Ottoman muslim state presence in Europe. Both which could only be pushed out by the forming of the Castillian-Aragonic and the Hongarian(Manyar)-Austrian double monarchies.

Naive Western collaborators supported these revengeful positions so as to blackmail Europe in order to give more development aid. The Nobel price winner of economics the late Prof. Jan Tinbergen claimed that sufficient development aid would stop African immigration.4 Quod non, for development aid raises a middle class that unlike the poor, can afford human traffic fees for a yourney to Europe.5 And his pupil, the former dutch Minister of ‘Development Cooperation’ Jan Pronk claimed that otherwise the world climate would change and we in the West would all starve to death or be inundated (Holland is half situated under sea level!).

Pull Factors

1. Empire building

The above-mentioned Russian article reveals the main reason for the immigration policy of the Russian authorities: President Vladimir Putin has stated in the Duma, the parliament of the Russian Federation, that he has the intention to re-unify the former territory of the Soviet-Union. Russian authorities urge to allow to settle an additional 300.000 work force from countries like Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Kazahkstan on an annual basis. People from these countries can cross the Russian border without visa and even without having passports duely issued according to international rules.1 So, President Putin has at least the courage to put it bluntly: He is in the business of empire building. Even if that goes to the detriment of the Russian people. The Russian authorities simply state, that the amount of these immigrants is less than the already legally as well as illegally living immigrants in Russia. Basta!

The European Union is far more taciturn and surreptitious in its imperial intentions. The Russian priority of geopolitics over the interests of national citizens is mirrored in the immigration policies of the European Union, which on its turn is advocating an immigration of some 25 million extra-European workers as they say to compensate for demographic deficiencies in its member-states. This is, however, a scientific hoax for immigrants themselves also grow older . According to a UN study in 2002 it would imply The Netherlands population growth need to go to 109 million in 2100 and in South Korea to 6 billion in 2050, almost the entire world population in one tiny land!!
It should be emphasized, that intra-European migrations are of no use for compensation of dearth of births: If Polnish immigrants come to work in say England and Germany, then Poland has to allow immigrants from Ukraine, or worse extra-European countries.

One can deduce, however, from its extra-European association treaties with Turkey, the North-Afrcan and Levant countries, i.e. the former French President Sarkozy’s Mediterranean cooperation plans and the support by some of its member-states for the attack on Libya and nowadays on Syria, that the hidden long-term ambition is the restauration of the ancient Roman Empire.

2. Increased legitimation of authority

As a corrolary of power building, one is reminded that the introduction of alien ethnic immigrant groups has been a classic way of divide et impera, being introduced already by the philosopher Plato himself as advisor to the dictator of Syracuse in his days: Immigrants from Africa were set up against the autochtonous Syracusean inhabitants, so as to allow the dictator to appear as a conciliatory deus ex machina among the fighting masses, as such legitimizing his unavoidable authority, all this according to Plato’s premeditated plan.

In this sense it is quite revealing, that the European Commission is bluntly promoting the coming into existence of a common European immigration policy, by pinpointing to the fact, that national immigration policy is much more vulnerable to anti-immigrational pressures than the rather surreptitious authoritarian dealings by the European Commission!

But also on the national level, one can witness some left-wing political parties seeking voting mobs among the immigrants to compensate for the loss of votes by the very autochtonous low classes they used to serve before those became spoiled and apolitical due to the welfare state. So, if one claims to present the poor, who are not longer present, then you have to allow them to immigrate. In some EU- member-states, to a lesser degree but also in Russia, one can see Christians seeking support from the growing Muslim communities to offset the on-going secularisation of society. The liberal parties do betray their moral positions in order to please the forces of the market, that is the short-term interests of the capital owner and managerial classes to attract cheap labour force.

3. Cheap labour forces and the abolition of the welfare state.

The president of the Dutch National Bank Mr.Wellink, the Dutch advisor to the German Chancelier Angela Merkel Mr. Klink, the Chairman of the dutch Employers Federation, former Dutch prime minister (12 years!) and former UN Commissar for Refugees Ruud Lubbers, all pleaded for the the immigration from Africa and near Asia, but uptill the end of the eighties stood in the way the trade unions, preferring automation and in-depth investments for capital-intensive improvements of labour conditions.

Political parties, whatever their cry-outs, did not exert much influence on the momentum of massive immigration to the EU. 7 It has been almost totally dictated by the micro-economic laws in the interest of the capitalist owners and managers of the big companies.

Ever since Ronald Reagan and Margareth Thatcher did attack the welfare state in the anglosaxon world, the social-democratic ”Rhineland model’ in most of the EU-members states was under pressure, but the implosion of the Soviet-Union and so the fall of the communist threat, paved the way for its abolition. Trade unions have been tough defenders of it up untill the end of the eighties, for then the labour market, due to new it technologies showed up more individual and independent ways of gaining income, one would work not any longer as employees of large companies or institutional employers, thus diminishing the power of traditional trade unions. Then, also they, eager to compensate for the loss of its autochtonic members turned their orientation toward the newcomers being the new blue collar workers. From then on, they promoted the multi-ethnic society but to no avail: Half of the newcomers went jobless and did not show up as new trade union members.

4. The welfare state and multiculturalism.

The welfare state does not only attract the poor masses to the flesh pots, but it provides a safety net in case the often expensive endeavour of immigration will fail to become a succes. Unlike in the USA, where one can end up sleeping in a cardboard box on the street if one does not succeed to get a job, one is pretty sure of being provided basic needs of shelter, food and free health care in the welfare state. Immigration is rendered risk-free!

This effect is corroborated by a policy of multiculturalism, p.e. in The Netherlands, where one can live on social security, without being forced to speak Dutch or without any other demand of assimilation, within your own ethnic religious community. This includes international ethnic religious facilitating networks, some very criminal, some organizing subsequent immigration by fake marriages between legal immigrants and women in countries of origin.

Multiculturalsm has been mainly promoted by the marxist/zionist Frankfurter Schule of Horkheimer, neo-Freudians and the sexuologist school of van Emde Boas, so as to dillute the Herrenvölker in Europe.8 It may be cynism to watch with a smile a recent outcry of Israelis against their Somali immigrants: Jews in Israel, unlike the ones in the diaspora, seem to be very human(e).

Adverse Effects of Mass Immigration.

European authorities as well as I personally, presume Russian governments have underestimated some severe side effects of massive immigration, so to the detriment of their own imperial ambitions. We shall mention the sharply increased inequality of income, the downfall of the welfare state, the adverse effect on the development towards an innovative society, the severe decrease in solidarity and mutual trust and by consequence criminality going rampant, and the negative effects on environmental and infrastructural policies.

a. severe increase in income inequality.

The richest, the owners and managers of labour-intensive industries win by keeping salaries of their labour force at bay, but the autochtonous labour class and shop keepers are swept away by unfair competition. If the Dutch population would increase with 5 % by unskilled immigration , then the Dutch labour class will be up to 10% poorer. The effect on the redistribution of income, taking into account our obliged minimum income will be 7 to 9 billion euro, i.e. 0,1% of GNP( gross national product), totally going to the immigrants themselves as salary or social security. 5 Our Scientific Council for Government Policy calculated, that if immigrant workers form 9,4% of the Dutch labour force, the autochtonous Dutch worker looses 3% of GNP, while the capital owners win 3,14%of GNP.9 So far, the total immigration costs for the Dutch treasury over 20 years are estimated to be about 220 billion euro. Per immigrant family in total 230.000 euro, while a dutch family generates 260.000 euro during its lifetime for the treasury. Only taking into account future immigration to grow to no more than 0,05% of the Dutch population will cause a lifetime fiscal burden of 3400 euro to a Dutchman. The present day 14 billion euro austerity reduction of the dutch national budget so as to be in line with the EU directive of the budget shortage being maximally 3% of BNP, is totally accounted for by the Dutch annual cost of immigration!. But that is not what politicians reveal: They blame ‘Brussels’.

b. The welfare state will come to an end.

It is maybe the entire hidden plan of the Brussels bureauCRAZY, a tool in the hands of the capitalist upper class, to exteriorate production costs of the big companies to the national taxpayer. Especially, all the costs for social security for the immigrant workers they fire soon as they seem fit in the present day crisis. Some companies prefer relocation of their enterprises to Asia, leaving Dutch workers and immigrants behind, in social security alike. Once settled in say China, they do not contribute anymore to Dutch social expenditures.

Half of the Turkish immigrants live on social security, for Maroccans it is an even higher percentage. If the immigration to The Netherlands remains the same in quantity (30.000 a year) and the social-economic features of these immigrants remain the same, then it will cause a loss on the expenditures for the welfare state of 4%., but when the immigration goes to 100.000 annually, the welfare state is doomed. If the Dutch population would grow from 16 million now to 20 million, the income per capita would, with constant capital, as a result of a raise in labour productivity of 5/6% increase 5%, far too low for compensation of all the troubles entailed by massive immigration, for the ”immigration surplus’ i.e. what remains after correction for the immigrants’ own income will be asymptotically small.

The welfare state is based on

solidarity, but if the burden will be on Caucasian autochtonous nordic Dutchmen for supporting non-western immigrants and asylants, it will collapse. Certainly, now that these people are for twice as much on social security than the nordic Dutchmen, these ethnic tensions are around the corner. If no policy is changed, then ceteris paribus the welfare state of The Netherlands is bound to disappear within some decades. Is that what we want: to give up the welfare state for the sake of multiculturalism? The big companies do, that is why the European Union does not close their outer borders. And Russia, certainly not a welfare state, does not either, for imperial reasons as said.

c. the incompatibility of unskilled immigrants and the establishment of an innovative society.

Massive immigration is if not prohibitive of, then at least deleterious to the new idea of
‘innovation economics’. The EU, allowing the dislocation of its labour-intensive industries to Asia, has been promoting this concept in order to compensate for the loss of these powerful industries, but the vast majority of the immigrants have an IQ of 80, so 20 points less than the average European. And these IQ rates are not going to improve intergenerationally for they are also due to common incest marriages. 6. Evidence of the hereditary influence in IQ rating is research with negroid and Corean kids raised as adopted childs by caucasian parents which showed a constant lower respectively higher IQ than their adoptive parents, exactly in accordance with the averages of their original ethnicity 6. To those dreamers of globalisation, regardless of which cultures are compatible or not, I would say: ”It is the ethnicity, stupid !!” , for it is ethnicity that is conditioning succes in an innovative society. Ethnicity it quite sticky (enduring) 10, though parental education levels and coaching may prevail. To be succesful in an innovative society,one should sport some psychological features not very common among non-western immigrants groups,like accuracy, openness and empathy, non-hierarchical attitude, flexible response and no rigid traditionalist views, verbal communicative ways of tension reduction instead of neuroticisms and violence as a problem solving device.

In addition, the welfare state with its huge income redistribution will attract the unskilled labour force but frighten off the smartest who will go rather to Silicon Valley, Canada or even now Chinese universities, not bothered by welfare state solidarity with the poor masses. The Netherlands may have provided the new director of Princeton’ s Institute for Advanced Study, the physicist Prof.Robert Dijkgraaf but it invests more in its multiculturalism to curb down ethnic tensions than in scientific and technological research. I feel myself thrown backwards to the Middle Ages when I walk around in our negroid islamizised cities. It is, of course, much more cost efficient to educate its own people up to innovative qualities, in a our Dutch economy which is for 75% service- not production-orientated instead of allowing unskilled masses to eat our welfare state away.

d. decrease of solidarity, social tissue and rampant criminality.

In sociology one knows that ‘bonding’ among members of the same ethnicity is far easier than ‘bridging’ between ethnic groups.Multiethnicity in classrooms lowers the quality of educations and performances severely , that much energy is spent on bridging.12 In Moscow one out of ten of the 750.000 school going youth does not speak Russian and many immigrants don’t send their yougnsters to school anymore, judging it useless 1. 37% of the immigrants to the USA did not speak English after 10 years.. Massive immigration in too short a time of some decades is conducive to psychiatric phenomena, a deterioration of public psychological health, an estrangement which is underminng the social tissues that norrmally can handle even rather severe income inequalities. Neuro-psychological causes of the inability to work are remarkably more frequent among non-western immigrants. 11 Due to ethnic diversity the autochtonic population is driven to isolation and will react by in pectore migration ostrich style. Lesss and less voluntary assistance will take place, the elder generations will feel totally desoriented in the homes for the elderly with ethnically and religiously rather alien staff. Due to political correctness which blame always autochtonous people trust in authorities, political parties,press and courts have diminished within the EU but also in Russia, because of massive immigration and its assimilative pressures on the autochtonous people.13

If people don’ t feel at home, they are prone to exclude others from their natural bonding and consider them either as offensive or as a prey. In de EU and Russia alike, ethnic and predominantly muslim autarkic quarters of town serve as bases for gangs of which the nordic people are victim. In Norway more nordic youngsters were killed by immigrants than nordic youngsters by Anders Breivik. In addition, many immigrant groups dislike each other, like muslim Bosnians and Serbs and they extend their ethnic fights to our cities in the EU or Russia. In Rotterdam half of the 24 year old Maroccans have been sentenced for crime.Antillians are responsible for the overwhelming majority of rapes. 52% of the Dutch prison population is of immigrant origin. 53% of all armed robberies are perpetrated by not-western immigrants.14

e. pressure on environment and infrastructure.

The Netherlands is the most densely populated country in the world and received in 50 years more immigrants per 100.000 inhabitants than the USA. We have already a lot of congestion problems in traffic, (social heavily sunsidized) housing, health care and a lack of natural environment.We have hardly forests, only rather crowded lakes to escape from town life.
About 210 million Africans prefer to go and live in the richest European countries and those already arrived are so much accustomed to nature around back home, that they don’t have any respect for nature preservation in our lowlands. Immigrants are extremely materialistic and showy, for they have to proof succes to their family in the countries of origin, to whom they owe the cost of their journey and human trafficers’ fees, and they are severe environmental polluters by mentality. Like towns around the African continent their litter and shit is anywhere abandonned in our gardened mini-state.

The official policies of Europe

As for Russia, we have already mentioned the ambition of its leaders of empire building and its legitimation for massive immigration. At least Putin is francly speaking in parliament.
The European Union is ruled by an even less democratic European Commission and European Court, which in tandem have frozen its philo-immigrational policies in treaties and directives (with direct national law overruling force), without the slightest practical possibility to abolish them. Dutch Minister for Immigration Leers cannot even severe the check on the veracity of immigrant marriages with EU citizens, for EU Commissar Cicilia Malmström, with her ”greenbook” on migration full of humn rights stuff but without any economic analysis, is frustrating his plans, considering them prohibitive of the desired mass immigration of an additional 25 million according to the hidden plans of secretive Council of Ministers of the EU. The secret plans ahead for the EU are the saving of the euro-zone by installing supranational institutions supervising and unifying European monetary, fiscal, industrial and social security policies, without, indeed, a monetary union cannot exist, but, alas, without a common demographic policy to enhance nordic fertility at least to replacements levels. So we, Europeans, are forced to accept to do away with our welfare state in order to create an ethnic almagam of mainly fanatic muslim proselytism and African proliferation, propelled by short-term business interests.


Massive immigration is in general to the detriment of the European peoples, especially the lower and middle classes. It serves the futuristic aspirations of an empire building elite and is propelled by short term micro-economic interests of a footless rootless top business class.
It is meant, therefore, to quell the welfare state within some decades from now. It will preclude the development towards an innovative society, for lack of an intelligent and disciplined population and a lack of governmental budget for innovation, because its surplus,if any, will be totally spent on the containment of ethnical tensions and prevention of civil war. It will entail rampant criminality, lack of social solidarity and, therefore, in the long run undermine the proconditions of a smooth investment climate. Short-term business interests are biting long-term business interests in the tail.

A continent that allows the relocation of its industry to Asia, is waging the wars for America and is replacing its own population with that of Africa and the near Middle-East is bound to failure.

Did Hindu wisdom not teach, that one should never give the rule of society in the hands of the business class?

Is Europe doomed? beyong repair? China, say 1940 was worse off than Europe is now, not only infeodated but partly occupied by imperialist powers and in the midst of a civil war.
But they had Mao Zhedong and a powerful will of an ethnically related core population and
a luctor et emergo mentality. I have already written down my outcry for a way out in Ab Aeterno.15

drs alfred vierling
june 2012

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3 Responses to "PUSH AND PULL FACTORS IN MIGRATIONOMICS, an article by Alfred Vierling , published in AB AETERNO, Journal of the Academy of Political and Social Research, nr 11, juli 2012"

  1. vierling says:

    Met genoegen heb ik goed gedocumenteerde artikel gelezen.

    Ik zou er het volgende aan toe willen voegen:

    * Sociale voorzieningen
    – gastarbeid heeft de positie van de laaggeschoolde Nederlandse arbeiders geschaad door gastarbeiders te werven zonder vakbondstraditie (stakingbreking).
    – gastarbeid betekende winst voor de werkgevers, maar de kosten in de vorm van uitkeringen kwamen op de nek van de staat (winsten privatiseren, verliezen nationaliseren).
    – gastarbeid is altijd slecht voor een samenleving waarin geschoolde arbeid een grote rol speelt omdat migranten zelden geschoold zijn (analfabetisme, oneerlijke concurrentie)

    * Burgerschap en etniciteit
    – in een democratie het burgerschap openstellen voor massa-immigrantie is een directe aanval op de volkssouvereiniteit: democratie is demografie.
    – het openstellen van het burgerschap voor vreemdelingen is het uitverkopen van je sociale voorzieningen, omdat je mensen laat profiteren die niks hebben ingebracht.
    – vreemdelingen die het burgerschap zoeken zonder de banden met het moederland te verbreken zijn feitelijk kolonisten en geen migranten (G. Faye zei dan ook niets verkeerds).

    * Vreemdelingen en cultuur
    – Veel verschillende culturen dicht op elkaar laten leven is vragen om spanningen, alleen al vanwege misverstanden rond banale beleefdheidsvormen (groeten, geluidsoverlast)
    – Massa-immigrantie uit vreemde beschavingen leidt tot onwrichting van het recht, want niet alle culturen hebben dezelfde opvattingen over recht en straf (guilt/shame culture)
    – Als je sterk collectivistische culturen zich laat vestigen, dan zullen deze zich slechts conformeren aan de heersende normen met alle bij-effecten van dien (schooluitval, werkloosheid)

    Mijn laatste inzicht is dat de democratie natuurlijk helemaal niet draait om de rechten van het inheemse volk of juridische gelijkheid, maar om de macht van de elite. Het is de elite die voortdurend op zoek is naar groepen mensen die zij meent te moeten vertegenwoordigen en deze vervolgens bevoorrecht. Democratie is dus een proces van bevoorrechting van categoriën burgers door de elite. Het ligt eigenlijk al in het woord én de oorsprong besloten – de demos regeert, niet het volk als geheel. De Atheense demos was een groep burgers die welvarend genoeg was om een militaire uitrusting te betalen en zo dienstplicht te vervullen. Later werd de demos vervangen door de roeiers als de bevoorrechte groep.

    R.B. (bij alfred vierling bekend)

    1. Nicolaas van Rodanborch says:

      Op commentaar Vierling:
      – Als je sterk collectivistische culturen zich laat vestigen, dan zullen deze zich slechts conformeren aan de heersende normen met alle bij-effecten van dien (schooluitval, werkloosheid)

      Bedoeld wordt waarschijnlijk: de heersende EIGEN normen

      Verder heel mooi samengevat, nu nog dit alles bij de multiculti-dombo’s erin rammen

  2. says:

    Mу name’s Tonja from Bispingen, Germany and I just wanted to tell you your article is quite entertaining. The quality of your writing is very good and I can suppose you are an pro on this subject. With your permission, would you allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep up-to-date with future content? Thanks a ton and please carry on the great work.

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