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Alfred Vierling » in english, 用普通话 » 中国企业在国际化道路上日渐成熟 Chinese enterprises mature in going international

中国企业在国际化道路上日渐成熟 Chinese enterprises mature in going international

Original title: Globalization and act locally – Chinese enterprises mature in going international

(中国英语翻译后的文本 Chinese text after English translation) International Online reports (Reporter Zhang Xue): From the beginning of 1979 Beijing Friendship Business services company established in Japan, China, the first foreign joint venture, the Chinese enterprises officially opened the prelude to the multinational operations. 30 years later, the road of internationalization of Chinese enterprises trying to find the rapid development after 2002, and now, the earnings of overseas markets has become an important economic growth of many Chinese enterprises to go abroad point, the overseas development matures. During the 48 large meeting of the CPC many entrepreneurs representative participants share their business experience in international operations.

In 2009, the State Grid Corporation of China acquired the franchise grid in the Philippines for 25 years. This is a large state-owned enterprises, for the first time outside of China. Since then, the national power grid have been in Brazil, Portugal and other countries overseas investment. In 2012, the State Grid Corporation of China grow as among the “Fortune” seven of the world top 500 enterprises, the world’s largest utility companies, greatly enhancing China’s influence in the international energy sector.

48 National Congress of the CPC, Liu Zhenya, general manager of the State Grid Corporation, said the company’s overseas investment projects are operating in good condition, the rate of return on investment is more substantial.

“The international strategy is an important development strategy of the national grid. Far, has more than $ 5 billion in foreign investment, the total assets of more than $ 8,000,000,000. Investment is mainly concentrated in the grid, electrical, electrical and other gains and efficiency Well, the net rate of return on assets is three to five times the return on domestic investment. ”

Liu Zhenya said National Grid also dogged the difficulties in the process of internationalization and questioned, but eventually won the trust and respect with their own strength.

“State Grid Corporation relying on strength and technical level is to win the trust and respect of our” going out “, by technology, human resources and management in the world’s energy sector, particularly in the power sector, the State Grid Corporation of China made innovations make attention and respect of peers. although we enter the international market, the time is not very long, but they continue to make a major breakthrough. ”

In the process of internationalization of China’s private enterprises are active. The 1990s to the early 20th century, a large number of Chinese private enterprises gradually participate in foreign direct investment.

Chinese construction machinery manufacturer Sany Heavy Industry is in the beginning of this stage of the internationalization strategy.

2001, Trinity and Fortune 500 companies Deere company signed a cooperative distribution agreement, officially opened the prelude to an international. At present, already has more than 30 overseas subsidiaries, covering 150 countries.

The globalization of international management concepts, Sany Heavy Industry Co. Chairman Liang Wengen said, “much the same” manage their own business philosophy of such an international team.

“How do I manage the international team? Four words, much the same I R & D personnel in foreign countries, the core values ​​and business objectives and philosophy must be the same, this is the ‘Tatung’ minor differences. ? is to allow cultural differences exist, such as our working hours, time in Germany and the United States are not the same and our working hours, we sleep, he engaged in R & D; him sleeping, we are engaged in R & D, so our management style is ‘much the same’. ”

Accompanied globalization is localization. Integrate into the local culture, the emphasis on community building more and more Chinese companies are also included in the localized operations.

The President of Hongdou Group Jiangsu clothing production enterprises, Zhou Jiang said, one should be in compliance with local laws, respect the local culture, practicing corporate social responsibility, that is the Road of the Hongdou overseas project operations. Red beans in a Large-scale investment in red beans projects in Cambodia are to take this strategy.

“We must abide by the law, which is very important. Secondly, I think that the Chinese enterprises to go out, but also to fulfill our social responsibility. Solve some employment in the local, and learned the local surrounding villagers want to learn Chinese we free to do the night school, and college students to teach night school in the past by our Chinese Mainland Chinese. Meanwhile, we also make donations to schools, has funded five primary, compare and welcomed by local people. ”

In addition, Zhou Jiang also said he would buy including war risk insurance for enterprises, although the cost will be high, but he thinks it can guarantee the safety of overseas investment is worth it.

When asked three companies of the future international planning, to further improve the international level, to improve overseas income ratio is the answer everyone wants. Liu Zhenya, 2020, the State Grid will be able to fight in foreign assets accounted for about 10% of the total existing assets, large dating abroad to invest $ 30 billion -500 billion. Liang Wengen Sany hope that after five years, the proportion of overseas sales increased by 15% to 40% -50%. Zhou Jiang said, future operating Cambodia project will seek further cooperation with international brands clothing company.

30 years of agitation process, the internationalization of Chinese enterprises in the market environment of the Chinese enterprises to go from closed to open, dominated by large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises into private enterprises to participate in a variety of types of subjects in the international road enterprises to continuously optimize the technology strength, operating philosophy of internationalization and localization practice social responsibility, management maturity. This 48 the report of the CPC put forward the idea of ​​”comprehensively improve the level of the open economy, enhance corporate international operations, cultivating a group of world-class multinationals, will lead to more Chinese enterprises to shine on the international stage .


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