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Alfred Vierling » auf deutsch, in english » What happened in Cologne;Was geshah in Köln on 20 september 2008

What happened in Cologne;Was geshah in Köln on 20 september 2008

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The dichotomy at Cologne’s anti-islam demonstration reflects the succes by the ruling class to deflect the populace’s interest from the implosion of the capitalist system and its devolvement upon the masses to an artificially induced contradiction of so-called nazi’s and so-called left-wing egalitarians, while islam is in itself an authoritarian creed, to say the least. Religion is the opium for the people, is a marxist saying unduely forgotten by the ill-guided proletariat in today’s culturo-masochistic Europe.

Der Zwiespalt bei der kölnischen Anti-Islam Demo reflektiert den Erfolg der regierenden Kaste bei der Umbeugung der proletarischen Aufmerksamheit weg von dem Zusammenbruch des kapitalistischen Systems und seiner Abwicklung auf die Schultern der Massen nach einer künstlich herbeigeführten Dichotomie zwischen sogenannten Nazis und sogenannten egalitarisischen Linken, obwohl der Islam selber wenigstens einen autoritärisichen Glauben repräsentiert. ‘Religion ist das Opium des Volkes’ ist eine marxistische Losung die unzeitgemäß vom falsch gelenkten Volke vergessen wird im heutigen kultur-masochistischen Europa.

Read this corroborative evidence:

Did everyone but me know that the US Treasury was founded the same year the “French Revolution” was launched?

Shukran Habibi.

The Bastille was stormed on July 14, 1789.

The French Declaration of Human Rights that turned out to be toilet paper — just like the United States Constitution did — was enacted on August 26 1789.

The US Treasury was founded on September 2, 1789.

In October Marat’s Mob took Louis XIV prisoner (with a little help from LaFayette — whom I like and would not impugn but still, it IS a bit suspicious).

In November of 1789 the Business Class Bourgeoisie seized all the land owned by the First Estate (also known as The Church) — who had also been exempt from taxation by birth.

The Church had been the largest single landowner in pre-Revolutionary France (we’re talking about 5-10% of the land and a population of about 100,000 out of a total of 24 million).

How much was that land worth?

It turned out to be just enough to pay off the national debt — incurred by the cost of prosecuting France’s wars in the colonies — in other words, the state was using the taxes of the low income workers (the peasants) to pay for Bourgeois Business Class wars of acquisition, in the name of bloated profits.

Sound familiar?

In 1789, the corporate wars of acquisition were being prosecuted in the Americas.

Ruling Class history books like to emphasize that the French Revolution’s Third Estate — the guys who ran and “won” the French Revolution — were the “Commoners”. But actually they were the Bourgeoisie — also also known as the Business Class — also know as the guys going to foreign lands enslaving and pillaging to extract huge profit margins.

Today they’re more popular known as a toxic cloud called Predatory Capitalism, of which a subset is now increasingly being referred to as The Complex.

In the 18th century the Nobles, also known as the Landowners — today we call them the Leisure Class — were automatically exempt from taxation by birth. The Bourgeoisie Business Class had to purchase their exemption from taxation.

That Mob just did what their corporate mouthpieces told them to do.

There’s too much information here, isn’t there? The key takeaway is that these guys haven’t changed. It’s the same people running the same scam.

Beyond Marx 101.

Sometimes, when you’re working on a thesis, you lose track of who’s been working on it with you. But. Clearly Al Jazeera is thinking along the same lines as I have been. It’s always nice to find yourself in excellent company.

The thesis, in case it has been mentioned enough at the G, is that Predatory Capitalism is, and has always been, extra-national. They use the Nation State rubric to simulate conflicts in which they play both sides.

From das wikie :

Most theories see the nation state as a 19th-century European phenomenon, facilitated by developments such as mass literacy and the early mass media.

That’s their M.O. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Napoleon’s Wars were paid for with Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase.

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