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Alfred Vierling » in english » Tsunami inundates The Netherlands: ‘Deus, haec, fortasse, benigna reducet in cedem vice’

Tsunami inundates The Netherlands: ‘Deus, haec, fortasse, benigna reducet in cedem vice’

Are these minarets going to be our remnants ?
Dick Jansen’s imagination of the Nederlands fixed at the residence of the European Concil of Ministers.
A ‘Wild(ersian) tsunami of islamisation’: Will ever a tsunami from the sea neutrilize the tsunami of the islamic invasion ? It seems there is no foretoken of any alternative of Kaltstellung. All venues of warning have been tried out, but christian democrats, social democrates en liberals continue undisturbed to behave dhimmi-like and expose us unprotected to muslim immigrants who are bound to impose us to un-European codes of behaviour, which they take for God’s unalienable laws. A failed but unshattered believe in a feasible ‘Europa-version of islam’ renders our elite and captains of industry completely blind: They fail to conceive any exit strategy necessary in case of failure. Bundes kanzlerin Merkel, Prime-Minister Cameron, President Sarkozy and our dutch minister Verhagen all admit now in a rather undercooled manner: ‘The Multicultural Society has failed’. Point. No excuses, no explanation. Well, this socio-cultural vivisection on our European population did not only constitue a finacial catastrophe, spending billions of euros, but this policy has put the axe at our etnic roots. A Westminter type democracy with its base in majority and morally prone to protect minority rights is unable to deal with the problem of the etnic shift because of the very fact that the shift is occuring exponentially over a period longer than the parliamentarian period. Horatius, being confronted with the same phenomenon during the Roman Empire, already uttered once his agony saying ” Deus, haec,fortasse, benigna reducet in cedem vice’ (Hopefully, a God, in a good mood, will return to put everything in the right place again. Peut-etre, un Dieu, dans un retour favorable, remettra tout en place.)

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