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Alfred Vierling » in english » On 17 may 1989 at about 15.00 hours 1.2 million people were rallying at Tian An Me

On 17 may 1989 at about 15.00 hours 1.2 million people were rallying at Tian An Me

On 17 may 1989 at about 15.00 hours 1.2 million people were rallying at Tian An Men ( Heavenly Peace) Square 天安门in Beijing.

Students of primary and secondary schools, university students and intellectual discussion groups, factory workers , members of local party bureaus, governmental ministries, workers of the media and museums, of hotels , supermarkets and department stores all flocked together in order to exert pressure on the more flexible elements in the politbureau of the Communist Party to allow for socio-economic and political adaptations as inspired by the Glasnost phenomenon in the Soviet-Union. This performance unrivaled throughout human history has been the result of months of ingenious creative and innovative ways of preparation and coordination with a myriad of means of action throughout the huge country. This has been achieved confronting one of the most centralist authoritarian one party-rule systems in human history. (see The Tian An Men天安门 Papers by Zhang Liang, Perry Link and Andrew J. Nathan , 2001).

I am still flabbergasted by the courage of this people and impressed by the relatively wise reactions by its government in the years following these mass demonstrations. If ever, our European weakhearted youth and ethno-masochist politicians would show only a mere one percent of the political consciousness and duty of their Chinese counterparts, our Europe could be saved from its decline due to lack of historical notion, dearth of births, dysgenic immigration and the collapse of its autarchic economy perpetrated by rootless cosmopolitic selfish managers of enterprise and individualistic citizens. Who-ever is talking about ‘white supremacy’ is unknown with this overwhelming Chinese evidence of the contrary. Let the picture used as head of this website be a source of modesty towards other people as well as of inspiration to assert ourselves without remorse among the family of nations. May this website contribute to the reconvalescence of our kind as no négligeable quantity of the human race.. For without action people of European descent will be no more than 10 % of mankind by the year 2050. Time is running out to make children.

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